In My Next Birth

Hello Everyone,

I really got bored in human birth. So I want to born as Cat/Dog in my next birth.
Because I feel that these two are enjoying more than humanbeing. They do not
bother about Shelter, Food, Cloth, they don’t feel like why we are not living in the
house, are not rich/poor, are not need of costly dress, costly food. It doesn’t have
to bother about saving money for future, doesn’t need to build a house, it does need
to work like us, but it is more happy than us. It doesn’t require to see T V, Computer, and internet.

So I pray God that I want to born as Cat/Dog/Parrot in my next birth.

Thank you


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Being a cat or a dog might be good in some countries, but not in the place where I live.
Sometimes, I can see many stray cats/dogs searching for foods. They are not happly either.


I just wrote to improve my English, I agree with you, in some places Cats/Dogs
are not living happily due to want of food. If I do good things in this birth, I can even
born to daughter/son of the King. As I have seen lot of cats/dogs are living very
happily in my place, I feel like that. We have two cats in our house, it won’t
disturb anybody, even it feels hungry, it will not ask us unless we give milk and buscuit to them. I often play with my cats. I have made special bowl for that food. It is so kind
to all in my family.

Il feel like this, in my last birth I must have relative to that cat that is why
it is with us in this birth.

I request all of you to give your desire of your next Birth. Of course it cannot be
predicted, we can imagine ourselves what we want to born as.

Thank you


how about a koala? they always look having a good time. only sleeping and chewing leaves.


The Koala is an Austrian Animal, it has dense grayish fur, large ear and sharf claws and chews only leaves. Good idea, you can find that animal in Eastern Austrilia,
why don’t you keep it as pet animal in your house. We are not having Zoo in our house to keep these animals.

Thank you


no no I chose Koala for you to be in next life, not to keep it, if you don’t like it, how about a munchy crocodile or a jumpy kangaroo. They’re not bad as well I think.

Thanks for your choice for my next birth. No one can predict next birth, but we cannot even choose also, it sould be decided by God only. What about your
choice for your next birth? I wish/choose you can born as Monkey, it will jump from one tree to another, it will go to all the places without vehicle.

Thank you



As we are near Coastal Districts of Tamil Nadu, we are facing problem with “Cyclone
Thane” set to intensify, triggering heavy rain and gusty winds along the Coastal
District of Tamilnadu. So the power problem is there, I will continue this forum after
the rain & Cyclone stops.

Thank you




where there is Faith, there is love

Where there is love, there is peace

Where there is peace, there is truth

Where there is truth, there is God

Where there is God, there is Bliss

It begins with faith & ends in Bliss.

I hope you will enjoy my above text/poem/song.

Thank you


i would be happy to be a monkey who would ride on a crocodile or a kangaroo, thank you.
and happy new year to you.


Thank you you had accepted my choice for Monkey, but I will not accpet your
choice to become Crocodile/Kangaroo.

I don’t want next Birth, this birth itself enough for me. I am praying God to reach
“HEAVEN”, there no one can come easily.

Thank You


a monkey won’t be happy without a croc or a kangaroo. find me another animal form?

I have no idea, I cannot find a animal for you. You find it yourself.

Hmm, so stingy,

how about a white elephant., cute?

I have not seen a White Elephant anywhere, kindly show me the photo of that animal.
Please see - you tube, it is below to our letter, let me know
after watching that. How beautifully the dog is acting, really the dog is cleverer than me.

Thanks for your earliest reply.


Burma has 4 white elephants which we adore as a national pride.
We have new born baby girl white elephant. She is only one month old, day before yesterday. Everybody loves her , she plays football with her guardians. Now we have 5 white elephants. So we are poorer. lol

My apology, I can’t send you their photos due to bad connection at my end.
You can search it in Google by typing in Burma/ Myanmar’s White Elephants.
And you can view it on Utube.

kind regards.

Thanks for the information about White Elephants Mr Kyaw. O.K. I try to see them
in Google Search.

You’re welcome. You’ll be delighted to see them, I believe.

kind regards,

Kindly let me know these White Elephants are real White Elephants or not . Thailand White Elephant is not like this Elephant…

Hi Blackknight

Come & See how many White Elephants are here. These are Burma/Myanmar’s White Elephant.