In German we call Wi-Fi WLAN





Bella wants to take part in the conversation :grin:.


Ha ha ha…A very nice cat.


Ha ha ha…


Luschen show a picture of your cat please :grin:
Bella is a user on our forum now :sunglasses::+1:


Hi here she is. Her English is not very good at all but she still manages to communicate

Reversed network effect: car vs smartphone

Bella is very beautiful and she has very nice pink jewelry :grinning::+1:
Isn’t she British Shorthair? Maybe she speaks British English perfectly😂


I think she is a Russian Blue - that could be the problem!


That explains everything! For us, Russian girls, communication in English is always a problem :nerd_face::grin:


Wow, come to me Bella cat. You are a very nice cat. I will steal you “Bella cat”.


Ha ha ha ha…


Ha ha ha …


No, you may not have Bella, she is my favorite! You are welcome to adopt our other cat Jasper though. Just let me know when you will be here to pick her up!


Jasper looks like the perfect guy to play and have fun with. What languages does he speak? I will pick him up after the weekend.


It looks like Jasper prefers more to sleep than to play)):sleeping:


I feel a rhyme coming on …

“Jasper prefers more to sleep than to play;
She is the queen of all she surveys.”


Yes, I agree. Jasper seems to be a sluggish cat.


It is not easy to pick up the sluggish jusper cat, but Bella cat seems to be very active and likes to go walking outside the home. It is my chance to pick up her secretly. I promise that it will be the queen of my stray cats. Do not be worry about her Sir Luschen. just give me her and you will see. She will learn how to depend on herself “Power sucht katen”.