If you're looking for a good SAT prep course...

Hey guys! If you’re looking for a good SAT prep course, and you can afford it, I would recommend Testmasters. They’re cheaper, and they’re better than most Test Prep companies.

I have a 25 dollar off coupon for Testmasters. You can use the code as many times as you want. Give it to your friends, do whatever. AND if you sign up for the class ONE weeks earlier in advance, you get another 25 dollars off.

As for the class, it really works. I recently scored a 2340 (darn those essay points) on the New SAT, a big jump from 1850. So yea, I highly recommend it.

Anyways, if anyone want to sticky this, that would be nice because more people can get discounts. Again, for people who can afford it, I would highly recommend it. They guarantee a 300 point increase, so that’s pretty awesome. You get your money back if you don’t increase by 300 points.

Anyways, college is important. A few hundred dollars now can save you big bucks later when you’re making the dough after graduating from the college of your choice.

For more information, go to testmasters.com

Good luck with your SATs.

I also have a coupon for TestMasters. It serves the same purpose as the one above; however, it might be more likely to work seeing that this is a newer code. Click on the link below to register with $25 off!


I’m currently enrolled in a class. The teachers are really nice and helpful in teaching strategies to do well on the SAT. I have only taken the diagnostic test so far, but I believe it is very likely for most people to see at least a 300 point improvement. :wink:



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cool program. seems expensive still, i prefer more affordable programs that are still effective like INeedAPencil.com or kaplan (not so affordable)

I hear testmasters is hit/miss, but it can be very effective.

For those looking for free options that are still quality, go to


Not very impressed with the rest of the stuff out there right now.

I took a course with Kaplan for $899 and didn’t improve my score at all. I highly recommend using TutorFox.com’s SAT guide. I improved over 250 pts…The guide is only $10 !!!..it can be found at http://www.tutorfox.com/satguide.html

man… all these prep courses. i took kaplan course too. i don’t know, but i thought it was not too bad. little pricey but not bad for an investment. i raised about 250 points. = ) btw, i found a link the other day on tvlesson.com. interesting infos about the SAT.

here is the link to this old math guy. :slight_smile:
tvlesson.com/view_video.php? … &category=

or just click here ~> https://student.testmasters.com/newreg/commerce/coupon.asp?referral=4490646182&action=accept

with this link it will take you straight to the test masters website and add it to your registration rather than having to enter all sorts of annoying codes…


Okay, neat, number2.com is cool, but smartdoodle has still lots of bugs. Several of the “White” board lectures don’t work. But what annoys me is that smartdoodle is not really interactive. They claim to have amazing sessions, but in the end its still a bunch of text that is thrown on the screen. Just because there are buttons that allow you to go forward or backwards does not make the process interactive. I’ve been using number2.com on a daily basis, and I think they work wonderfully. I’ll let you know how things turn out! I’m taking the SAT on November 3rd, so I’m crossing my fingers!

These two websites are the few websites that I’ve found that are interactive, or at least tries to coach students. In mysatpractice, for each practice question, there is a series of hints that I can get to coach me to the right answer. That’s really the best part of it, because it doesn’t help if I’m just told the answer. :smiley:

when i took the SAT in may i got a 1740 and then after test masters i took their final practice exam and i got a 1940 (200 point difference) and to be honesty i got kinda lazy in test masters so i didnt do everything i should have but i just took the real one yesterday and i felt pretty good!! test maters isn’t real a hit or miss


Since we’re sharing things that worked for us - I used an SAT Board Game that I got off amazon.com and my score jumped! Also, it got me super fast at answering questions. I still used the study guides blah blah, but the game was good to fill in, or on days that I really didn’t feel like studying. Also, we used it in a group, which was more fun than holed up in my room like some prisoner. I think it might be on sale still. It’s from TestPrepUGames. check it

t :smiley:

Hey guys. The real deal is mine. Mine is the latest 2008 coupon. No kidding. My email is perry_feng@hotmail.com Email me if you can. My coupon number is 0177395238. visit testmasters.com for info. And guys, I went from 1410 to a 2010. A 800 point gurantee! And guess wut? I’m in eight grade!=] Happy SAT days! For right now, peace.

I can only assume that the people posting about Testmasters are all working on some sort of commission.

Personally, after seeing this “battle of the coupon codes” (along with the quality of the writing in some of these posts), I don’t believe any of you.

Believing is just like flying like a bird. You have to entrust the bird with all the wonders of the world. Life is just like that. You have to believe. Yankee, I’m doing this just for you. Not for the money but just for helping, I present the code 0177395238 in your eyes. It’s a gift from my heart. Happy Independence day! Good luck!

Hi Testmaster,

Please stop spamming this forum with your codes. If you have something of value to say, please do so. Otherwise, please post your codes somewhere else.
Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten. I’m still laughing when you say “codes”. By no means do I want to “spam”. I want to spread the good word just like Jesus spreading his fellow “teachings” to the local townsman. And by the way, I only have one code. And that aint no “spamming” if you want to call it. And by the way, not only am I posting it here, I’m posting the “one code” everywhere else. Just like a plant spreading it’s roots to fulfill it’s destiny of enlightment. That’s all I’m going to say. Thank you for your consideration.

Haha, “battle of the coupon codes”!

Excessive advertising is very distracting. Why not post about your experience more personally? That might actually help some people.

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Hi Nikki,

Do you have copies of your official SAT scores prior to doing your TM course, and copies of your official SAT scores afterwards?

By the way, here is a link in which you can find a brief discussion of Testmasters and blatant spam:

Out of curiosity, does Testmasters also instruct people on how to spam forums? Do you also engage in e-mail spam?

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thank you