If someone ask you to give them half loaf of you bread

Dear learners,

You’ve just bought a loaf of bread for your dinner. You meet a homeless man on your way home. He looks starved. Would you give him half loaf of your bread if he asked some from you?

Would you give all of it or none of it ?

I usually give most of it. Sometimes I’d go back to the shop and buy one more for him. Which always makes my day. And give me more bread the next day.


If I were walking down the street in the US and a seemingly homeless man asked for my bread, I wouldn’t give him anything. I would point him to the nearest homeless shelter or charity soup kitchen. There are plenty of places for these people to get free food. Anyway, our beggars don’t ask for food, and they won’t accept food if you offer it to them. They always ask for money, and they use it for booze or drugs. Also, many of the beggars on American streets are only pretending to be homeless, but they really have a good place to live. They have low job skills and begging provides them with more income than any job they can get.

If I were in a Third World country, and I were convinced that the beggar really was indigent, I would probably give him the whole loaf of bread and go buy another one for myself.

There’s an old American joke: “A man came up to me on the street and said, ‘Sir, please, I haven’t eaten in four days!’ I told him, ‘You should force yourself!’”

I do not wish to be seen as heartless, but I will tell you the truth.

I used to be very naive and I’ve believed that you can help people by giving them money if they ask for it or beg at the street. It’s a more complex issue. You need to put you emotions away and act reasonably. Many of beggars are professionals who ask for money for their own purpose (they rarely ask for food on the streets in Poland). They even use children to ‘earn money’ by begging at streets, public take-away’s etc. I know, it may sounds cruel, but in many cases that’s how it works.

In majority of cases a person who really needs help does not beg on a street (OK, there are exceptional cases) since they would feel shameful. Although sometimes they may be simply forced due to their bad situation…

I would rather donate to a Christian organisation or any organisation who can really help those people (Internation Red Cross, for instance). As I said, it is a complex thing I would always give bread to those who need that if I could, but I would be very careful since sometimes we are simply tricked by people who can use it.

I agree with you Michauek.

I pretty much would do the same like you, Mikel and Jamie. Here in Germany beggars rarely actually want food. Like Jamie said, in most cases they are begging for money they use for drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. So, by giving them money you would actually do them more harm than good. Here in Germany absolutely nobody needs to beg or steel. There is enough wealth for every single person no matter who they are or what they do.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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As for me, in Ukraine there is a large part of people who really need foods, because they really have no workplace, no home, and I see them almost every day sitting near the rubbish bins…They make fire in winter in order not to die from frozee. In our small town there is no place for them in winter. Some of them (the olders) time by time are dieing…if they can be go somewhere they would go…Of course in our streets we can find such (gypsy) beggers (they are very dirty) who are begging not only for their food, but cigaretts, drugs, and so on…I know a woman, who has no relatives, who can be help for her…she has neither home nor food, ( involved in debt and her home was taken from her) and when we meet I always give a piece of my food…I certainly retelled this not for boast…
I and not only I but evryone should analyze the beggers…
I would rather give bread at twice for that, who do not really needs it, than never give to the real begger.

I have bought and given food to people I’ve seen on the street. Some have wanted to work, honestly and sincerely, but I never had a thing for them to do. I would never give someone on the streets around here or in the USA money, but I have and would and will buy them food sometimes. I think by their reactions when you give them food, you can really see if they were only interested in money for drugs, alcohol, or sincere in their needs.

Thank you very much. I feel you all have good hearts filled with kindness. For you are all considerate to the poor and deprived. May god bless you.


People some time are truly peniless and hungry. Honest ones beg. Some steal or cheat. You may not know. But it is nice to see someone eyes sparkle when you give what they really need. To me it is really hard to beg or ask something from someone. You know the drill? I think it is a hard thing to do even for the beggars or cheaters.


GOD bless You that You always could help to the poors, dear Mr. Kyaw Min Lwin.
" For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always."(Matthew 26,11)

Dear Maryjam,

I’m not a rich man at all. But, I always keep an good eye and good mind to the poor. I won’t hesitate to give half of my bread to anyone. No problem?


I’m very glad to hear that…we are also not a rich family (with 7 member and only my father has work), but we should try, who needs it.
Best regards
p.s.:it was good to talk with you:)
Have a nice day.

Dear Maryjam.
I wish you could always help the poor and needy as much as you wish. God’ll be with you.

with kindest regards.

Dear Mr. Kyaw Min Lwin,
thank you very much your wish. Yes, I know it.
God belss you now and in the future also!

Dear Maryjam,

I’d like to say- Blargodarju vas.

kind regards.

Or: велике спасибі[YSaerTTEW443543]

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In my country India know, no people will beg for food, money and so on. Because our country is economically well developed, of course we are facing unemployment problem due to lack of Industries, it will also get improved in few years.

Even small children also if they don’t get good education, they will work somewhere as labour and they will fufill their needs without begging. Very rare places you can find some people will beg for their needs.

As for me India is the best country in Education wise, Technical wise, and all other activities. No country can stand in front of my country. India is such a beautiful democratic Country.

I request no one should say any comments about my Country.

Thank you


Dear S. Shanthi,

Thank you for your kind comment. But, I didn’t see anyone saying anything bad about India in this topic . Did you?. Anyway, if someone said something bad about your country I wouldn’t agree with them as well.

kind regards.

Dear Kyaw

Thank you for your kind reply. I just told my opinion about my country when I see other
countries situation about this problem which you made as topic.

Thank you


Dear S. Shanthi

You’re most welcome. And I like those who love their mother/ father land. Good luck!

with kindest regards.