I plan to travel an English-speaking country!



If GOD wills, I will graduate next year as a teacher of English in middle school, I mean junior secondary school. However, I would like to travel abroad and then spend time in an English-world, speaking, thinking, writing and listening and doing all in English.

In short, i would like to know how to manage to travel in that context. I have no fund to start. and i cannot count of my family neither my scholarship since i am not scholar here because of my age.

Thanks in advance.

may my Lord and my GOD bless you through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen!


Hi, I suggest you try and find a job abroad so you can support yourself.


Hi Torsten and very sorry for my very lo,ng silence and my very big delay to reply your comment. Now I have my password back I will do my best to come here regularly.

I have got some YouTube videos and they help me a lot. Anyway this platform remains a very big reference for I met a very friend from here and we are still very good friends. For sure I will think aboiut your suggestions. Once more I thank you.

I have been teaching eight years and I am not yet recruited while teachers are needed in all schools.

Take care and God bless you through Yeshua (Jesus Christ). Amen!


Hello my friend, welcome back. How has life in Brazzaville been? What kind of videos to you watch on YouTube and who are your students these days? I look forward to your next post. Take care, Torsten


Life is always hard in Brazzaville. The videos are about grammar, vocabulary and some films. There are also some videos about how to improve one’s level. Most videos are in English without subtitles.

My pupils are in the third and second forms. They are meeting a lot of problems and I have to think about new strategies almost every day. some of them are very motivated but other aren’t. I do not lose my heart because I know there is still hope. I plan to start with comprehension. They cannot say up to five or ten verbs.

The second form is the second year of English language learning in Congpo Brazaville our country and the third form form is then their third year of English language learning.

I have been running an English Club and I need more advice in the way of helping everyone to speak English fluently for most dislike speaking it.


So why don’t you invite your students to share their thoughts with other members here on the forum. For example, you can listen to the following audio recording and then post some responses: Practise: IELTS speaking part 1


Hello, Sir Torsten. Excuse me, sir. please, could I ask a question out of the scope of this forum?

  1. Why I could use this code " [quote]{text}[/quote]" for quoting on the forum without any additional words, While I couldn’t use this code"[color={color}]{text}[/color] or
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  2. Why the forum background colour is white not blue?

Many thanks


As you know we’ve moved our forum over to a new system called Discourse. Its the best forum platforms available these days. On Discourse you can quote any partion of text by simply marking it with your mouse or even your smartphone. Try it out and let me know if it works. As for using different colors, I’ll need to check into this myself.


Thanks for replying me, sir. The platform is excellent and the quotation of text works well only for texts inside the forum but not for texts outside the forum except that, I write them first and then using " quote whole post" or “Blockquote” and I must write additional words, to be able to post my text on the forum, while using this code " [quote]{text}[/quote]" no additional words are required.
Many thanks


If you want to quote a text from an external source you can simply copy and paste it and label it as ‘quote’.


Hello Torsten,

This idea sounds very good. But we do not have internet in school and most pupils cannot surf the net and they are not allowed to use internet by the parents. Otherwise some parents allowed me to initiate their children into the school correspnding through exchanging letters but this only helps with writing not speaking.

Take care.