Practise: IELTS speaking part 1



Please check my voice recording, I hope you can help me improve my speaking skill.
Topic: What form of transport do you prefer to use? Why?
This is a transcript:
Well, I would say that subway is my cup of tea because the rail tickets are more
economical compared to other means of transport. Needless to say, the metro is
primarily eco-friendly because it‘s a form of high-capacity public transport, thus
reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment.
Here is my voice recording:

I plan to travel an English-speaking country!

Unfortunately I only caught the last few words but what I did hear sounded very good.



I’m sorry about the quality of recording, I will check it carefully before posting on the forum next time.
Btw, thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it.



From the little I was able to hear, your pronunciation sounded excellent. Did you answer this question extemporaneously or did you write down your answer and then read it? Giving an answer without writing it down first is better practice for this type of question, although it can be helpful to jot down a few notes and work from those as you say your answer.


Thanks for your comment, I will follow your advice. I hope you have a good day:hugs:







Sorry, now I see that it was an IELTS speaking answer - that is fine too!