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please help, ‘Day 15’ or ‘Date 15’ which one is correct?

Thank you:)

Usually ‘day 15’ but without a context it’s not possible to say for certain.

Dear All,
Would you please help me about name. My full-name is “Nguyen Thuy Kieu”. So my family name is “Nguyen”. My last name is “Kieu”. My middle name is “Thuy”.
Please explain me difference from given name, surname, family name. Would you make more detail by example full is Nguyen Thuy Kieu?
Much of thanks,
Thuy Kieu,

Hi, I would like to give you some information.
A surname is a name added to a given name and is part of a personal name. In many cases, a surname is a family name. Many dictionaries define “surname” as a synonym of “family name”. In some Western world countries, it is commonly called “last name”.
In North and South America as well as Europe, a surname is placed after a person’s given name.
Example: Paul Gardner Allen.
Surname: Allen.
Given name: Paul.
Middle name: Gardner.
In Vietnam, the family name is placed before a person’s given name.
Example: Nguyen Thuy Kieu.
Surname: Nguyen.
Given name: Kieu.
Middle name: Thuy.
My friends in English-speaking countries have their English name. It is easy for other people determining their surname.
Example: Vietnamese name: Dang Cao Khoa.
English name: Bradon Dang.
Some like to use their Vietnamese name.
Example: Vietnamese name: Le Tran Phuong Thao.
English name: Thao Le.
My name is Vo Anh Xuan. I’m studying and working in Vietnam. I often use Vietnamese name in the English documents.
I often write: “Vo Anh Xuan” as my name. Nowadays, the foreigners have studied the Eastern culture. They can easily determine my surname is Vo.
You can use : “Nguyen Thuy Kieu”, “Kieu Nguyen”, “Kieu Thuy Nguyen” or your English name.
This website will give you more information: “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surname”.
Nice to meet you.
Anh Xuan

Good morning Xuan,
Many thanks for your kind reply. Now i have more understanding on name defined.
Thuy Kieu,

I learned much knowledge when I helped you. I usually receive the advice from other people. By helping each other, we can improve our abilities. Have a nice workday!

I prefer “Day 15”.

I prefer DAY 15

sorry,i have no idea .

What does ‘to walk down the street’ means?
For instance: I’m walking down the street. It means the street is not horizontal, you were standing on the higher place and now you are walking down?

I don’t think means walking down literally! It’s just a way of saying. No one actually says “walking up the street”. So no matter how you’re walking and the shape of the street, it’s still “waking down the street”!

Usually it has to do with where South/North is.
If you’re facing North, you’re walking up the street. (because on the map hanging on the wall, North is always at the top - it’s as if you’re walking up towards the ceiling)
If you’re facing South, you’re walking down the street.

But nobody actually bothers with finding out where North/South is when they walk, so people use “walking up/down the street” interchangeably.

Thanks both of you.
Along/up/down the street mean the same?

From my perspective, “walking along/up/down the street” mean the same thing.
Maybe someone will disagree.

If you’re unsure whether the locals indicate you are going up or down the street, you can just use ‘along’ and it covers both eventualities.

‘Up’ and ‘down’ are affected by so many things: North and South, towards or away from the closets town, hills and valleys.

I think using “Day 15” will be appropriate…

Help me how to improve my english . . .

I can find the last thirty-five tests on my progress report. Where can I find each?

Thank you.

“The food here is supposed to be of a very high standard.”
What is the meaning of ‘standard’ in this case? What does the sentence mean at all?

“Are you going to choose something from the main menu or from the ‘specials’ one?
I think I’ll go for the more expensive dishes on the main menu.”
“go for” meaning? ( I will order the more… ?)


The food is supposed to be of a very high quality.
standard = a level of quality or achievement

It’s a colloquial term meaning ‘I’ll select’.