How to learn English?


good morning Mr torston
I really to improve english language so I watch english programs and BBC world
i hope to increase my skills very well
thank you


Hi everybody,
And big hello to Mr. Torsten.
I am working for an English Agent in Vietnam but I can not speak English fluently and automaticially.
Sometimes I want to share many ideas, they are all standing in my brain, but I dont know how to express. I think that is reflexion.
I prefer Listening. I often listen English news on radio when I have free time, or listen the record on my phone.
Setting myself on the English environment is good way, I think.
Writing and reading are what I am afraid.
If you can, please help me correct my phrase.
I hope that my E skills will be improved by this forum, especially writing skill.
Many thanks,


is there any online speaking classes in in skype/gmail? I really like to converse with lectures not with student like me. because student can’t correct my mistakes. i know few free online speaking classes where u meet students not the person who knows English.


yesterday i left my water bottle in library. i kept on the table and forgot. but i went back after 10min but bottle was not on the table. so i called a lady who was working there. she found my bottle nearby book shelve. she said ‘here you go’. i wanted to reply her, but with my bad English, i didn’t reply her. so is this the correct sentence… i kept it on table but some one might have kept the bottle on book shelve.


Your reply could be:
I left it on the table but someone might have moved it to the book shelf.

Your writing could be improved very quickly if you were to use capital letters where they belonged, Sows.


Dear, Torsten, sometimes I dont know how to use the forum to send message for you. I hope to be correct now. You asked how I have learnt English. Everyday I do the grammar exercises. If I have doubt bout the matter I see the explanations and I send a message to the forum. The exercises of listen I do several of them daily, too. Finally, early in the morning, I have read the key news in the "BBC" and I have listened those news in brief summary. Thas all. Please, if possible, send me a feddback. Best Regaards.


Helo Torsten,

Thank you for asking my opinion, how to learn English. By all means I think that attending to school to an English class it does help a great deal, because you have in front of you a teacher that will teach you a perfect English, besides that you will hear the right accent, and you can communicate with the students.
Now if you can’t attend to school because you work or any other reason, then we all have a television or a radio. To listen it’s very important, also watched movies as much as possible. It’s really a great help for all of us to improve our English.
Another thing is to have an native American or British friend that you can chat face to face or by sending emails, that helps too! Some people say that reading the news it’s good, yes it’s very good because the news has a perfect English. One can learn how to write an speak at the same time, the only thing that we can’t learn it’s the pronunciation because it only a book, but please don’t stop reading it’s great to read, listening and speaking with the right person.
I’m happy to be in this class. I learn from home. Sometimes I listen some lessons, but most of all I want to improve my writing. I live in USA lucky me. I can communicate with native American people everyday where ever I go. I have American friends that we get together for lunch or what have you, and that helps me a great deal. If I can’t get together then by phone it’s another way of improving my English. You all student should try to do the same.
Good luck to all of you.

Rosario L.


Good evening ,dear Torston and to All
In the first ,i want to tell you something about me I’m a student , and preparing for competitive exams like IAS,PCS .i’m from India .And i also complete P.G Diploma in Media writing,i want to do something for other people by any ways,but my english language knowledge is not enough to achieve my goal ,so i think i should must work hard for improving my english skills. and your english email lessons help me a lot .
And i learn english through your english lessons ,tests ,and listening english music ,listening english news ,by reading views of other learners in the english forum .
I also want to ask a question of you ,could i clear my english paper by doing all this practices ,or i should more practice ,if you know about this topic please give me some tips to enhance english grammer ,learing and speaking skills . thanks a lot for your guidance !!!


Well…the way I m following…to learn English is…to study grammar…then I have started reading English newspaper…novels…and whatever the material available in English…I read it…I also think that listening is also helping…but it should be with correct pronunciation…I m often here on forum…I solve here many tests…and read the grammar topics…

Thank you…


Why are you using lines of dots?


Hello Torsten!
Fist of all I’m new here but I decided to join because I really love these tests…
I’ve been learning English for some years now…I started when I was 21 …and keep learning.
What I’ve done during the past decade was trying to approach the same material using different books, audio, and what I liked the most was one of those pc programs that allow you to remember without forgetting, especially if you’re learning well prepared material…like your tests…the thing is that you have to sit down for hours preparing the database…but the advantage for those like me that had already gone through "puberty"haha… is that you can repeat and reapeat those items you didn’t do well…by the way …has anybody already talked about this in this forum?I couldn’t find any post regarding this…and another question…can you give software brand names here? Thank you all for reading this…


Hello everyone
I like this forum but since I’ve never been in one before
I’m still trying to figure it out … some help will be very much appreciated


Hello Linguafrancafan,

There is so much happening here, that it can be a little confusing at first.

A forum is a place where messages can be posted which all members are able to see and comment on.
This might help: … _the_forum
Welcome to the site anyway. :slight_smile:


Thank you Beeesneees!


I think the best way to learn English is go and live in the UK, US, Australia etc. Take the opportunity to study abroad if you have the money and really experience the culture. The majority of the people of that English speaking country are unlikely to speak your mother tongue so you’ll be able to practice your language skills everyday. You may need to apply for a visa or need to prove your level of English before studying abroad so having some knowledge of English is necessary and taking an English test will act as proof to any institute that you have sufficient English to study or live abroad.


I am habitual to write anything with lines of dots…

Is anything wrong with it…? I mean I don’t know whether it is good or bad…

Doesn’t it look good…?


Is it bad. It is a punctuation error. If you are in the habit of doing it, you need to stop now.
Your message would be correctly punctuated like this (note the correction to the opening phrase):

I am in the habit of writing anything with lines of dots.
Is anything wrong with it? I mean, I don’t know whether it is good or bad.
Doesn’t it look good?


Hi Dear Torsten,
Practice makes perfect, as you have mentioned if we study regularly, we will progress fast. I personally try to listen to an audio piece of English every night. It could be a lecture, news, a listening test or if I have time watch a movie. To say the truth at the beginning, my listening skill was a failure but gradually the sounds and accents became more comprehensive for me. I’m really glad that I can now get the gist of an English movie without subtitles. Regular Listening has also has had a great influence on my pronunciation, I imitiate the sounds and accent quite subconsciously. Moreover I try to write the derivations of words which I look up in a dictionary to pile up more vocabularies.
Thanks a lot

Please don’t hesitate to correct me if I have any mistakes.



When you start listening TOEIC Part I,II,III & IV, you can find a change in your
speaking/accent and pronounciation, you will not listen any other listening if you
get practiced with TOEIC.You can enjoy listening better in TOEIC than movies, it will divert
your mood and you cannot learn Eng.accent/pronounciation properly.

Hope you will enjoy TOEIC from to-day onwards and let me know how you are enjoying it?
Wish you good luck.

Thanking you



Hi Torsten and everyone that share of this forum. Dear teacher, you asked me how I have improved my English learning. First of all, I have followed yours advices, that I consider very important. Everyday I make exercises of grammar and listening. Furthermore I read the key news in the BBC of London and I listen the summary of those news, too. When I am driving my car I turn on the radio and look for an station in English. Its crucial do not lose the focus of the study. I have done that. I know It is very difficult to me learning English. I have not a good ear. My listening is not good, but I have got some success. I have insisted in that purpose and I hope to get there. Thats all. Thank you very much.