How to learn English?



I would like to appreciate your interest in learning/listening English. To improve
your listening with louder, you can use "Hearing Aids by being attached to your
glasses. It is only my suggestion. Have you listend ‘TOEIC’ EXERCISES where you
can raise the volume of Audio, you can find clear recording it will definitely improve
your listening/speaking skill. Please don’t worry about your hearing problem.

Wish you good luck

Thank you



Hi all,

If you want to learn English, moving to an English-speaking country for a study period or work period will really really help your English skills. You will be forced to use English every day, as most of the natives will not be able to understand your mother tongue. It’s how I learnt English! And you get to experience the culture of a new culture. I decided to stay in England after I moved there for a study year abroad and I took an English test to prove my English abilities so I could get a decent job and making a living in England. I really recommend anyone who goes to England to study to take this test, it really makes you stand out from the crowd!

I wish you good luck,


Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.


Dear Sir,

I had faced lot of problem with my computer mainly with adopter, so the battery was
not charging for two days, and I lodged a complaint with Lenovo Computer, stating
that my laptop battery was not charging, and I made the complaint through Toll Free.
Lenovo they had some contract with WIPRO, so the call attened by Wipro, they
gave me one Service Ticket No. for lodging complaint, and the mechanic visited my
place same day and solved the problems, to-day I catched the same person for
not typing M in my keyboard, just now they came and solved this problem also.
Why I am writing all these, the English what I learnt through ETN helped me a lot.
I spoke to WIPRO employees without hestation. So I want thank my Guru Sir Torsten
who made me to handle everything my own without asking others for speaking English.
My husband also lodged a complaint through e.mail. but my complaint only took immediate effect. the laptop is made in China, that’s why the problems are coming.

Thank you



Dear Torsten,

Atlast,I can join in the forum now without any hasssles.I do want to share my thoughts on how I can learn English better.I read English books,newspapers everryday and if there are words that I don’t understand,I will try to check in the dictionary or google it.I watch English movies/dramas as well to improved my listening/speaking skills as well.
Having English lessons through emails has been really a great help for me.It helps me to be more confident in conversing with other people who speaks a very fluent English.
I look forward to having more lessons from you.

Many thanks,



The way that I learn english is reading the book and sometimes listen to music .

when I listen to music I can’t understand what the singer says most of the time.

And that’s so bad .


Dear Sir,

As I am facing problem with my laptop,soI don’t think I can continue this forum
regularly. This is for your kind information.My laptop batter is charging by power supply.
when there isno power,the batter pack up is very low, I don’t know what to do, I have
made a compliant with lenovo people. I hope you will understand my situation sir.

Thank you all for your kind co-operation for learning English through ETN. I feel
very sad.

Thank you



To improve my english I have read my son’s books, learned and listened some english songs. Now I’m watching a tv serie called criminal minds. Sometimes I didn’t understand anything but others it’s so easy. I also watch news and when I see a new word y look for it in the dictionaries then I write it. In the same way when i listen a new expression I write it and repeat it severfal times.


Dear Sir,

As I am facing problem with my Laptop for Battery Charging, I request you to get me
one new Laptop for our forum use., I will use it for ETN purpose alone. Can you help me Sir?

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How are you doing?

I’m trying to learn English as a second language. And, I’m doing all the manners to reach my goal.
As I already said in other message, I think that the best way to improve our knowledge is chatting, mainly native speakers, because besides talking we’re learning listening too.
I, also, watch movies without subtitles, I read a lot of books, I listen musics from radios, etc.

Well, it’s what I’m doing. It’s very hard but, I guess these are the ways that we need walking.



Good morning

I think to listen audio conversations is the best way to learn english,
and I want to purchase the same.
Kindly let me know the procedure of purchasing?
I read newspapers in English,
but its not enough to speak,
and pronounciation in movies are very difficult to understand.
I can listen audio while travelling for office by train.


Hey Torsten,
in my opinion, there are many ways.
Here is what i use.
Listening english music.
Watching movies in english.
The subscribes from newsletter,
also on The facebook.
Chechking dictionaries, etc.
There are many,


I think that the best method to learn speak English is the following:

  • Try speaking and listening with a native speaker, through a lot of software of Web’s chatting. Watch some movies with the original audio without subtitles. So, you’ll get a way to educate your ear. At the same time, try read English books, everyday, if possible for one hour. Sing in English this is another excellent way to learn the language. Don’t forget to study grammar!
    Hope to have helped you.



Hi, Torsten.

According what I wrote above, I would like that you comment about what I think: “How to learn English?”


To learn English

  1. Listening whatever available i.e. Music/Films/News/Drama/Stories/

  2. talking with friends those who have fluency in English

  3. Watching Good conversations with someone who has good knowledge of English.

4). To join with English Forum (Listening Exercises Practice)

5.) We can talk to ourselves infront of Mirror without fear.

  1. Attending Test/Feed Back for our doubts.(Reading Books)

7). Practice all in our routine at least 1 hour

It will be more than sufficient for learning English.

Wish you Good Luck

Thank you



Thanks, S.Shanthi.

These is almost of all that I’m doing!



Dear Sir,

Thank you for following the tips as I mentioned above in your regular practice.
In addition to that you can practice TOEIC LISTENING EXERCIES on the forum
and reading Alan’s Essays which you can find on the forum, both will help you to
learn good in English.

How we are maintaining our health by following diet in our food like that we have to
practice English also in our diet so that our learning English will be always good.

Hope you will listen my healthy language tips and enjoy the same in future.

Thank you



I couldn’t found the Topic “TOEIC LISTENING + ALAN’S GRAMMAR LESSONS”, although I looked for in the Forum!
I wish, please, you help me to!



TOEIC listening exercises:



Hensiq Sir,

I thought you would have started practicing the healthy/good diet for improving
English.Why did you not start attending test so far?you just click on the above links
which will take you what you want.

I hope you will enjoy TOEIC LISTENING & Alan’s Grammar lessons soon.

Wish you all the very best.

Thank you Sir,