How to learn English?


Thanks. i like leaning by listen Audio via Email or english teaching Site.


I started learning English intensively recently. By intensive, I mean several hours a week. Here are several methods I am using now:

  1. Listen to audio news like VOA news or CNN multiple times, then read them out loud, then record my readings and comparing them with the original versions. I am hoping that using this technique I can improve my pronunciation as well as other skills like speaking and writing.

  2. Write at least one essay every week and have it corrected by an English teacher. I tried to keep writing on my own without teacher’s correction, but I found that my progress was not that great, because I didn’t know if I was using the right words/phrases or tenses. I could be repeating the same mistakes again and again. In my opinion, having a native speaker as a teacher pointing out my mistakes is the most efficient way to learn.

  3. Watch comedy shows or sitcoms. I feel it is useful for improving listening, but not that useful for writing and speaking.

  4. Listen to audio books when driving.

BTW: Is it possible to open a new writing forum here? :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for this wonderful forum.


Hi Kate,

You are doing all the right things and your English seems to be excellent.

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try our best.take all the oppotunity that you have to practice
in general ,practice makes perfect


i think the best way and fast to learn english, is to sit in class for it and be serious.


hi everyone,I.m from Georgian republic and I.m trying to improve my English.I have English teacher but she is Georgian to. That,s why my speaking skill is terrible. can you help me and give some advices how can I improve my spiking skill.

Best regards


thank you for every thing professor
please forgive me because I study even the leason 8
because I am studding math (algebre + master in applied mathematical ) and in this days there is in my university Competition Maidyp ( impportant function)
for that I am studding in my books in math
so hope me good opinion
and please continue learn me english and (lissining comprihantion )
and I am very thank you


Hi Torsten,
I think that the best way how to learn English is to be young and jump directly into the water. Go to the world and speak. But if I’m only ‘forever young’ and I have two children and a challet mortgage on hand your course will be the best way for me. Honza


I think learning a new language not only English need a complete involve. You need to expose yourself with any form of the language. Song, book, movie, article, listening material. It is easier now for language learner since there are thousands of language material in the internet. I, myself always try to find various english online courses to improve my English.
That’s all … thanks.


Hi torstern,
I really want to use in English very well.But I can’t speak English fluently.My listening skill is not good.I 'm try it.But I can’t understand very well.I can understand a little the speaking from Asian.But I can’t follow the speaking from west.How should I do myself?
Your lessons are good.I like it.


Deer TORSTEN thanks i studay english every day 30 minuts online listen reapet writening and on english test and i live in USA if i go outside i took english help me if you have another ways DOAA


many ways or methode to practising speaK ENGLISH but in my mind if you want to fluently, try to speak anything in english in your daily actifities, don’t shy or doubt, eventhought people around you say it’s wrong or mistake, growth up your ability or your confidence to do it.


Dear Torsten,

I tell you about the way i learn English
I work all day so i dont have a lot of free time for my practising but i think English is very interesting so save all my free time for studying. I like reading English news and listening to English songs. I make friends with a lot of foreigners to practising English everyday. I study Grammar by finding from internet what i didnt understand. I study new vocabulary by writing new words on pieces of paper and take them everytime etc. I study English with a lot of different ways.



Hi my dear,I found you in here.I will join it.
I will write something every day.I hope this website can help me to improve my writing.Thanks


Hi everyone!

Quite often I’ve heard questions about movies and using subtitles. I want to share my way with you. By the way, I use only serials now, because there is a real English in them and a lot of speaking there (if compare with usual movies). Firstly, I try to watch serie without any subtitles and try to understand it somehow. Then, I use English subtitles and stopping movie if I don’t understand the word or phrase and use dictionary to translate (BTW, English-to-English dictionary!). And finally, when I almost know all of the words, I watch serie with subtitles and at forth time without them.


Hi Torsten. My desire is to know verry well Endgles I read books by English and I listen Mp3 schoolwork because I have the problems with listening.I have been studied thise language for a year but I still I do not feel good when I have to write.


Dear Sir,

Can u please send me English Gram-mer test it is easiest way for me to learn English as well as new articles.

Thanks & Regards,


Hello everyone,
I think that every person has its own methods of learning English. I personaly read a lot of Englisg books, I suggest you to start with novels because they are small and easy to consume. I watch also movies but without subtitles, it helps me with my listening skills and it is interesting afterall. Also, I have many conversations with teachers from UK and USA in my college or online, this definately develops my speaking skills. You can buy textbooks with grammar and vocabulary, for example I have FCE Use Of English 1/2 by Virginia Evans , or Cambridge (Hewings)- Advanced grammar , Cambridge (McCathy) - Idioms In Use , for sure these can help. And of course a lot of practice is needed and do not be shy or scared to use it :slight_smile: I hope I helped.
If you have questions do not hesitate to ask me.
Greetings Elena

PS: I wanted to record it, buuut I seriously dont know what may be the problem. Maybe it is from my Java, though I hadnt this problem before :frowning: /Too bad, I so much hate to write everything down/… anyway I will keep trying, but first Im going to upgrade or in the other case install it again. :slight_smile:


the problem i have with studying is TIME, time is not by my side, even the doctrine say study to show your self approved unto God and man, learn of grammar, is for you to pick one word and learn for two days, so in thirty {30} days, you will learn 15 new word, before the year ended you realized you have learn allot… also the used of cassette such as DVD, CD in learn is also good, most people watch film and share the event with other friend, so the same applies.

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Dear Geofrey Samuel,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with us. Actually, you don’t need more time to learn English. All you need to do is try to change your habits gradually. You can start today by following these instructions: How to learn English? (30/30 Challenge)

Please let me know what you think and good luck.

I look forward to reading your 30/30 Challenge reports.

Best regards,

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