How to learn English?


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This is a good opportunity for to make friendship and learning and sharing our experiences and ideas with friends . so write to me


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How are you doing today? Maybe, we could share our work and travel experiences, so we can learn English easily?


i found yhis course really good & useful for all students .thanks alot


Dear Torsten,
i do not interested in reading long paragraphs or long stories. i usually read short fun stories, watching cartoon with English subtitle. This is the best way for me to save time and relax beside hard of work. i thought you can learn more idioms, more phrases when was watching Cartoon (such as Tom and Jerry).
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Thuy Kieu,


I watch English movies read books and listen musics


Hi Jail bird

Im thai .Can you share for improve your learn english.


The best method is reading listening and communicating with native speakers!


Hi everybody!

I am learning english for many years,but I still don`t know the most efficient method.Its very difficult to learn english,if you dont have contacts to english native speakers.Your success depends on your tryings



Hi Torsten
I’m so busy this days beacause I have my finish exams in the school so I cant study my english.I think the best way for learning English more faster is:<>.I think It’s verey helpful!


Hi every body,

I have been learn in English nearly ten years but I have not use proper method of learning. I think I am capable to participate for conversation though I want to improve my English up to advance level.

In my experience, the best way to improve any language by participating day to day conversation with some one who above your standard. It would be raise the self confident and give some motivation to learning…

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My opinion on how to learn english is

  1. you know more english word. at least in the day 10 words you must know, becase if you rich english word, you can understand written book simpley.
  2. listen, most of the time you concentrate on english listening. At least in the day you must listen one time
  3. try to speak with out afraid. Don’t think I am wrong.



i found out three months ago that the most effective way to learn a language is by writting a lot and by watching a lot of movie not just movie any thing that was my opinion


Dear Toreston Good morning/afternoon,
I learn English by using your instruction, that has much effective for me and, also i have daily conversiation about different topic with one of my colleques for half-hour , read books,magazine,newspapers,short and summarized novel and i listen to news.


Hi Torsten
watching of TV can help us to learn english better and also listening to radio is very effective.


watching english movies :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know how to study English by effectively, but i think the experience of the person to used it every day is important such as conversation with foreigner or practice every day in English, when i do it not thing append with me :). how to i know?


Dear Mr. Torsten,
I prefer for the first month you send me a paragraph with a voice message to be listened to. This way will make me more confident. In addition I have subscribed in an e-mail based newsletter “Learn Real English”.
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learning english is not so easy!I live in Poland and during my all education teachers put attention to grammar and vocabulary!I had to learn a long lists of words and I think it was in vain because I can’t use it while I am talking. I don’t know a reason of it :frowning: maybe we should not only learn by heart words but also try use it straightaway in conversation


I am always confident and in the near future I want appear in the Gmat or Ielts. So I need your continuous help and suggestion