How to learn English?


Hello evrebody!
I take individual English lessons 2 days at week.
I watch different programm in English TV every day.
I am reading a books and if I don’t know word I find it in dictionary and write it on paper and hang it on wall.
I study English only 4 months and I can express my thoughts by now.
I wish you all and myself patience! :)))


torsten i wanted 2 ask where can i improve my accent my English thanks god is good as i am studing it since i was 2 or say from nursery but i want to improve my accent.

please reply
going 2 wait


well I listen to radio while I’m traveling to my classes and I watch English movies actually I really think it helps me a lot with my English… and I read English articles in the internet, and also these days I’m trying to speak with my friends in English.


Hi Chamira,

Those are all useful techniques, and listening to English has obviously helped - I can tell from your well-pronounced voice message in another thread.

You chose the wrong preposition with ‘read English articles… the Internet’:
on the Internet.


aha OK I got that thanks :smiley:


I hope you are fine. In my opnion practice makes a man perfect. I occassanionlly read English newspaper. I have problem with grammer and vocaboblury too.
Now Its my ambition to be perfect in spoken as well as in written. You are always very kind to me. My next plan is to revise all previous lesson along with new.


For me I’m learning English throught watching movies but upto now i have listening problem special the west accent, some of the words
i couldn’t hear that is my big problem which real need a help.


Actually, I have tried listening many songs in English and reading some articles on the Internet. In my job I don’t used to speak or write in English because I’m in Brazil, our native language is Portuguese. Here is difficult but I won’t give up.



Hi Torsten,
many people wrote here the same thing.
I think the best way to learn English is hear English, for example radio or film. On the other hand it´s good to read books or news. I have to learn English because I like manga but most of them are in English. ^^ So I need the Dictionary all the time.
And for the speaking I need a teacher for correct the grammar and pronunciation.
I try to study English everyday.


Dear Torsten
for my idear how to learn english effectively the most important are

Read enlish newspapers , read enlish books short story , watching english TV program ,news or what ever about english no matteter you can’t understand every thing , listen cassettes recorder

listening enlish song , and try to speak english with some one who can speak english no worry about mistake when you talk ,




Hi Torsten

Yes, I try to have been reading about the book something by decided of a subject, but It isn’t able easily that I Think that don’t many a word myself.
How can I get easily memory about a word of english?


Hello! sir how are you? I hope you will be fine. your course is giving me more advantages in learning English.


Hello Torsten!

I do every day grammar tests and watching movie in english and try to talk with foreigners (e.g who’s native language is English) and last read in english articles.



I started watching tv programs


I love method like this english online program. I can learn english with practice directly…I am happy that I can write anything in this forum, share with other members and get feedback from them…I can learn any material subjects of english with complete grammer and I can try to use it in the real conversation…I believe that I can improve my english skill perfectly and fastly if I learn consistently…
Thank you to all Coach in this forum…


hello sir
in my view learning 2 language is not diffcult untill you not focus on it and as i focus on it for improve my english language i read carefully every lesson which i get through e mail and i listen the one lesson many time for improve my speaking ability as listening lesson help to improve pronounciation ability


Hello Sir!
I like reading a lot & then to learn english.So I study novels in my spare times that helps me a lot.When any difficult word ,I find,then I go to dictionary i-e OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNER & it helps me very much.Now besides reading I have joined many sites & have many friends to talk & to share my knowledge of english language.Although I watch movies but it happens very often as it takes more times then to study according to me.


Hi Torsten,

I’m so happy that become a member of your website. One of my best friend is called Fatemeh sent me your website address to me and I became a member of your club.
I always try to watch movies in the original version that I think it’s very good for becoming familiar with original statements.
Also I’m studying English step by step with your TOEFL course. I’m preparing for TOEFL exam in Summer. I hope I can pass the exam with a good mark.
Thank you so much for your help.
Best Wishes:


Hi Torsten,
You are right, every one has his own way of learning.My favorite method is subscribe to any e-mail based newsletters .I also like to read English novels, but I have a problem . I don’t know most of the meaning of English words , so it is difficult for me to understand the whole book and it takes a long time to finish.So its make me very unhappy.


Hello Torsten and all the forum members
Daily choose a word from the dictionary and learn its meaning,its pronunciation,is it a verb,adjective etc., and its spelling.
I Daily practice this method and i am able to improve my English.

With Best Regards,
Sai Shandilia.