How to learn English?


Hello Torsten
actually the time does not allow me to learn much,but most of it I carry with me a note that contain new words,clauses… I wach it between breaks then I repeat it from time to time with the good pronunciation.
I want to thank you for this wonderful web site with all the best


thank you for your advice,its really helpful.


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I am new to this forum. Daily I am reading newspapers and watching english channels(NDTV) to improve my communication skill.Is that enough or do I need to do something more than this?



For me the best metode of learning english is by hearing and whriting words.I do love to read to, and every word that I don’t know I chek the dictionary.
I borrow books from the library and read, sometimes I help my childrean with their homework, watching tv.
Thanks for every one who share their thoughts in this forum.


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My methods to learn english are reading books, listening english musics, watching movies and writing letters to my friends. I found it helpful to improve my english language.

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I have some idea with how to study english. Studying is reading, listening, speakingand writing. so reading we should try to read the document that can make our to improve our pronunciation. listening, we shuold not listen only radio or tap or cd… for me I think sometime we really can undertand when listen on the radio, the music… . speaking, we should know a lot of word but some time we cannot remember the word. but we should try to show some action that we want to exlpain someone to know what we saying (body word). Writing, we should know the topic what they would like us to write? and what they want we to write that have relationship with this topic. “What we want to write about?” and know how to write it. we should write it step by step, it has 3step to write it, starting, body, and the end. we should know about vocabulary. But i thinkn that how to be good at in english we should try to do more action with english such as try to speak with person who speak english with you. When we usally speak, we always try to listen, pronuncing, and remind the word. …



Hi, Torsten…
Its fine this day everything. I can share with you my experiences how I learn English. Now days I am in course of English and I like to read books in English but I have so difficult to understand all of them, and also I like to watch movies. And I don’t forgot to tell you your lessons are so helpful for me.
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HI torsten
I would like to learn english faster.but i am working throught a day.and have not enogh can teach faster .I am running with you.


enough is correct,sorry


Hi Torsten,

I am not good in talking skill and writing so I want to do both how can I improve my skills…


I think the best methods of learning English are:
2.Learning vocabulary
3. Speaking;
And surrely best of the best is to go to an English-speaking country and to stay there for a while:)


Hi , I think the best methods of learning English are Speaking and Reading and listening…


Hey))))I am so interested in learning english. Thanks for giving me messages


Hi Dear Tortsen
Thank you for helping me to improve my English. I want to say that I finished english biased school in my home country, but unfortunately I didn’t use it for a long time. Consequently I forgot a lot. Now I am in my way of improving it. I used your grammar tests, it helps me to remember them. I use also listening sections that you have, take some tests. Usually I watch movies in english and online and on TV, sometime listen the news. I felt that my listening is improving, but I steel confuse while I have to speak.
Thank you Naira


Hello for all,
I think all the instructions Toresten mentioned regarding how to learn English faster sound crucial and effective. I want also to add something, what we need when we want to learn a second language is strong determination and persistence in practicing the new language, these two things are important keys to achieve a great success in whatever language you want to learn.
the best of luck


Hello to everyone,

I agree what Kalifa says. The best way to learn a language it is to live in the country with the native speakers and interact with them.
I think that before you go to any country if you have a basic grammar, vocabulary and so on that helps a great deal. Then when you are with the native speakers your mind gets much faster than many lessons you can take. Of course you must attended to school to improve what ever it is the language they are speaking where you are. Watched T.V. listen carefully, try not to speak your own language all the time. That doesn’t help.

That it’s my advise.


I’ve come to a realisation that the best way to make great strides in English is to keep at it : put your nose to the grindstone and don’t quit. If you quit halfway, then all your previous efforts were in vain.
There are whizzes for whom acquiring English is a cinch, but for most of us it’s hard work and it takes a prodigious amount of effort to make any headway.


Hi torsten,

              i use dictionary for meanings, i read newspaper daily, sometimes i watch english movies, news especially CNN & i will speak in english daily with my parents, friends & collegues also.
              But as for me effective method of learning english is by listening, speaking, reading.


I’m not good in english but i think if you want to be able to speak fluently, write, undersatnd spoken and written english, you should give it a weight… how? by practising… i.e learning and practise what you learn, especially in listening, and speaking… and we can learn through diferent sources of our choice, myself i learm on movies, listening to english programs to the radio, reading books (english story books), forums along with my dictionary, and speaking english with my fiends…