How to learn English grammar?

So many people have asked me this one single question: How can I learn English grammar? Well, learning English grammar is rather simple but it certainly is not easy. For all of you who are looking for ‘the perfect method’, you should start by reading How to learn English grammar?

Please let me know what you think.
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The article certainly helps in making it clear that grammar isn’t something which should frighten us.
I spotted what I consider a minor error:
On our site we have a wealth of different multiple choice tests, texts and stories which show grammar in context. Those two words are I want to stress – in context.

The second sentence needs a little rearrangement of words, such as: ‘Those are two words I want to stress - in context.’

Ravindra U. Rao

Dear Ravindra,

Welcome to and many thanks for sharing your opinion on that sentence. The sentence is fine as it is and yours would work too. However, if you change the word order as you suggested, the meaning of the sentence slightly changes.

Torsten Daerr[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Well, at first, I read couple things on this forum, and mr. Torsten, thanks for helping people to learn english more and more, and thanks for introducting in best way to do that.

I’m also very intrested to learn grammar as more as possible, but I think that it’s not thing that we should learn certainly.
I think that we can learn grammar in comunication, listening audio tapes, watching some video things, reading books, and so on…and grammar will come.

Best regards.

Hello Mr. Torsten,

I was reading some story and found some time using I were and they were, for my information that correct on they were can you explain for me Please!

Hi Markam, please take a look at the following examples:
If I were you I would sell that car.
Yesterday they were talking to their parents when they suddenly heard a gunshot ring out in their neighborhood.

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can u help me about compound noun…especially related to the phone answering…like when we answer the phone…is it answer up…or another term related to phone just like hang up the phone, pick up the phone…etc that are common term used…and can u please explain the meaning detaily?

Hello Kerina,

We do not use “answer up”.
You can use these expressions, for example:

answer the phone
hang up the phone
dial a phone number
make/place a call
call someone up
put someone on hold
connect someone to/with someone (else)
put someone through (to someone else)

Hello Torsten
You need to take a closer look at the sentence in question. It is not fine as it is, and Ravindra’s suggestion was certainly an appropriate one. If you don’t like Ravindra’s idea, another possibility would be to add the word “what” between the words “are” and “I”. :wink:

So what exactly is wrong with Alan’s sentence, ESL Expert?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I suggest: Those are (the) two words I want to stress - in context.


ti is very good really u help me more about grammer


Hi TorstenAlan,

Can the sentence - ‘Those two words are I want to stress – in context.’ be rewritten as

‘Those two words are, I want to stress, in context.’?

I guess the two commas help retain the meaning while making it clear to the reader where to pause. I am curious to know whether this is correct.

Alan might be the most gifted grammarian I’ve encountered… even though he hates commas and does not understand that “they” is the PLURAL third-person pronoun and “their” is the plural third-person possessive pronoun… and, as such, should not be paired with singular subjects/objects.

He knows this (he and my girl Amy), I trust – they know the grammatical logic against singular subject/plural pronoun coupling – so I figure he and amy simply choose to persist in the sake of pissing off the purists.



Hi, Torsten. I am new here . I like english language . I can write words i know much wordS but I can’t speak. I have many friends from the all world but i am worry talk with them. I hope that I study english here . I really hope that i need help from all . Sorry if I have mistake . I hope you unserstand me. Congratulations for this.

I have got a big grammar book for English.I think,everybody shouldn’t learn by studying it.I think its true to listen to theacher in lesson.It is very important.

Hi Jash,

I agree with you. In addition, you might also want to start separating each word and sentence by a space. Do you know where the space bar is on your keyboard?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

what Doca83 says is right, I have the same problem. I can’t speak english fluently, but to write i can. Right now i still semester 2 in university of Balikpapan, Indonesia, faculty of letter (english), but for grammar i got C :cry:. Please help me to study english in here.
Please correct me if i make a mistake.
Thank you.

Hi Ully,

You need to change some of your habits. For example, you need to learn to follow basic rules. Are you ready for this?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

Yes I’m ready.

Thank you.