How important are free learning materials to you?

What do you think of free materials and services?

  • I only use materials when they are free.
  • Most of the time I use free materials but sometimes I buy books, audio courses and language classes.
  • I always pay for materials, products and services because they are of much better quality than free resources.

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Hi everyone, the vast materials and services on our site are free. This means, you don’t have to pay anything to use them. How important are free resources to you? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of free materials? Most companies offer only paid products and services. Do you think those products and services are better than what you can get for free?

I look forward to reading and hearing your thoughts on this issue.
Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten,
To tell you the truth, I only use materials when they are free unless I am in dire need of them and I have to pay. Besides, I have paid a lot for English learning books and CD’s so far and I will not…
There is no disadvantage.

I believe that there is no difference whatsoever. Someone who wants to learn will learn from your great and helpful materials.

Last year I bought a book on the American Accent and I’ve gleaned a lot of useful tips from it that I’ve put into operation. I bought it because it was one of a kind in a way and I felt that nothing offered free could substitute for it. To this day I think it was money well spent.
Also, I buy English literature (paperbacks) in my local book store, and read them.
So all in all I pay for some of the material I study with.

That is not to say that I will always choose paid material over free material. Sometimes when I need something and I find free material that satisfies my needs in every way, I will elect to get the free material. Suitability is what invariably has the last say in my decisions on whether go for free stuff or paid stuff.

That said, sometimes people give you a free peek into what they are offering, as bait, in an attempt to reel you in. And such free material is usually high quality material, intended to make a good impression on prospective buyers. That’s how I ended up buying the book on the American Accent, because I saw on youtube a couple of lessons that were taken from this book, and I was left impressed by the lessons, so the next day I was filling out an order form for the book.

Dear All

There are two things that we should consider, first the disadvantages of free materials they will make you lazy to use them properly beacuse you did not spend anything on them, second one will not have opportunity to have proper tests that will evaluate someone whether he /she has learnt alot from free materials.

Dear people,

I am a retired teacher of English. I am French. I am a member of two town twinnings with british towns. The people who contacted me are not all that keen to be faced with formal lessons. They had rather we used , say, games that could, together with set expressions such as, “Well,… I presume…, It could…,” and plenty of others alike make up some sort of conversation and help them out when we travel over to Britain.

Has anyone ever come across this request ?



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hi all
I really appreciate your help.Providing free materials is very important for english learners as most of them can’t afford english classes.
thanks a million

DEAR Torsten
I really want to thank you alot . I dont think that course could enhance the student level in English, if he doesn’t work much .
person who want to study English , should try to learn by himself , by many ways like radio ,some useful TV , magazine and books.
but I think some valuable book can be more significant for study but you should bay it .
i am now going to preper for TOEFL test in 14 August please Mr Torsten advice .if there are any method to get score like 570 and 5 in TWE.
best regard .

Dear all,
I agree with Mr. Frhad that people should try themselves if they want to learn English despite of free or not. And of course they will success.

Respected Beees,
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. You really are helpful & friendly. Thanks once again, from the depths my heart, to you.


hi i am Azmat from pakistan i agree all these problem is that i am jobless so i prefer to free courses.

Hi Azmat,
From your post, what I have inferred is that you want to better your English (both written & spoken). This is the best platform to learn English, aside from many other stuff. So, you must keep on coming with your questions, doubts etc. related to English usage.


Hello Everyone,

By the way, what I can say about this question is that, the word FREE has a varieties of meaning.
There are some of the websites, which always begin with the word FREE, but at the end, they would ask for your masterCARD.
But I hope this is not going to be the same thing. Maximum thanks to those Campanies who are supporting this programme.


Hi everybody,

I am a regular user of Their materials for studies are very good. Different type of study materials are available. This will help everyone to improve their English.


Rani Tomy

Hi everybody,

I hate when I discover that I only get total access if I pay something. There hundreds sites that work this way.
Nobody can says that there isn´t good material if you don´t pay for it. Nowadays it´s not true.
I have hundreds sites at my favorites, is one of them.
I would like to exchange some ideas by skype with teachers or students, because I need to improve my speaking.
If your are interested, reply me.



Mr. Torsten, I`d like to get a video or something that help me how to pronounce the vowel phonographs correctly, because for me, sefveral phonemes sound the same.

I`ll appreciate this


Josè Luis Salinas

Hi Torsten,
How are you?

well, I think there is no necessity to pay money for things, if I can find the alternative available for free. besides, free materials have an advantage which is if you failed through doing one of your exercises, you do not have to pay money to try again. So, you will be always trying that you will not loss a material thing; of course you will only loss some efforts, but I think it is good for the trainers, because " no pain , no gain".

Companies which offer paid products are sometimes better. Because when they get paid, they try to improve their ways of teaching, for they consider the payment is a stimulative method in which they materialisticly and spiritually feel better.

This website, as you said in the newsletter, is providing services to learn English for free. It is actually my favorite site I am using to improve my English; the free of charge services are perfect and useful for students who prefer to try everything for free, like me… heh.

Thanks / best regards,

A couple of months ago,I bought a book on the American idioms.It’s my kind!It’s just a good way to perfect one’s English.I don’t really feel that free of charge materials are worse than paid ones.It’s too wide question actually.Internet offers so much information and sometimes is useless and unreasonable to spend your last money on something that you might find on the net by surfing over.Barring all the student books and the American idioms dictionary,I hardly ever buy books-I just can’t afford it.
Anyway,I’m trying to set apart some money for a phrasal verbs dictionary.It’s hard given we’re shouldering heavy debts and…it’s such a drag.

hii i m a computer faculty and i always want to improve my english, this is the best site for learning english on net, i always read all article and views of others, this is the best way to improve our english writing and sentences, but i cant improve my English speaking through this site, i have to read only articles and i cant speak english well.