How does a drive-through bank work?


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Videos like this are amazing, you can train your listening, learn new words and pronunciations.

Thank you for post it.


Thank you for this program will you please tell when I can use whom and when to use who in a speech


Hello! This is the very usefull post. Thank you!


Hi Apiki, many thanks for your positive feedback. We are glad you like our videos. Please note the correct spelling of the words ‘useful’ and ‘psychologist’. Best regards, Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I enjoyed the visit to the bank because I learned about this drive-through which I have never heard of. I think it’s practical and saves time.
I encountered this system with tubes network, one time, but inside a bank, many years ago, when I opened my first account in a bank.
It seems that drive-through combines an old system with the modern video-calling one, for a plus of efficiency. It’s a great idea.
I also learned that ATM means automatic teller machines – I use them a lot and haven’t ever wondered where the 3 letters come from.
Many thanks.


It was very interesting to meet a drive-through out bank. This kind of service does not exist in my country. We have the first two: ATM and inside the bank.
I, like Monica28, have learnt the meaning of ATM.
Thank you very much

Sandra from Brazil


Thank you Torsten for the TOEIC short conversations. They are really short and we can do them fast, during our day.

Best wishes



You are welcome, Sandra ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten
and Michelle,
I watched your video it’s good and useful, I must commend idea that you write down everything what you said… I learn on that way most then other…

See you,


Hi Torsten

I agree with Apiki4. Thank you very much.

I’m waiting for more!


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your presentation about "Bank’s Operation for making/receiving payments.
In India, we have been getting used with the Teller/ATM for payments/receipts. We have never seen this “The Drive Through” method in our country.

Thanks a lot for your useful/wonderful information about the Bank.



I really think Michelle`s videos are interesting but I think that at the end of the bank video something doesn’t really make sense.
Quoting Michelle:
“…you can go inside which people will do but it does take time. People usually go inside the bank for bigger things such as applying for a loan or other bank items. It’s very common to go to the ATM or the drive-through because is simply it’s convenient and takes time! OK, I hope you enjoyed our trip to the bank today.”

My question is: shouldn’t she have said it’s convenient and doesn’t take time?


Hai Michelle, It’s good to know about the banking at London. In India it’s different.We personally meet the tellers and stand in Q for hours together to update our accounts, cash the checks and all. Because of the population in India it is very difficult to automatize every thing. The tellers even show their impatience towards the customers. Even though we are having ATM’s at many places at many places there are no banks and people don’t have bank accounts. It’s because of uneducation.


Hi B.vidyullata,
Michelle leaves in Florida, Florida is a state in the southeastern region of the United States… So, she explain how ATM works there not in London… But I think it’s similar…

Alan, Am I right? Or anyone from London?

Hi Haydee Bettina,

I think considering by context “because is simply it’s convenient and takes time” and understand that she means we feel comfortably and waste our time…


Yes, you are right. That’s what Michelle had wanted to say but didn’t ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thanks a lot for this amazing video. I had no idea that drive through banks can be explained so beautifully. Apart from knowledge, the video teaches the communication skills too. Thanks again.


Hello Michelle,
This is an excellent explanation. I have never seen this kind of machine before, neither in Australia nor Thailand. We only have ATM machines. Anyway I have a question as you said “deposit money or a check” I think It should be “deposit money or a cheque”
Many thanks,


Hi torsten and Michelle,

Wow! It’s really nice,Thank for this kind of machine.I have never seen before.I really enjoyed lot.And i learned some new words.Thanks again.And thanks for this useful video.

Thank you,


Hi Dilany Dilu,

All names & Country’s names, first letter should be captalized when you write, then
“I” pronoun - it should be capital letter,unless we avoid this type of simple mistake from
the beginning stage. we cannot do our best in our learning process.

I normally won’t correct anyone’s mistakes, since you wrote my guru’s name Torsten
and I(pronoun) in lower case. Even otherwise, our language Coach Ms.Beeesneees
Madam will correct all learners mistakes, if it(message/sentence) is not correct to her knowledge.

Thank you