How do I introduce myself?

i am a leaner. i have doubt about ‘self introduction’. In interview, i had problem of self introduction. Actualy, I have little bit of confussion about self introduction. How do start ? where do begin? which are to be cover?
would you help to get right node of self introduction.

It depends on your audience, but here are some basics:


  • Hello, how are you? I’m Tom. Nice to meet you!


  • Hey, what’s up? I’m Tom.

Here are some things commonly used in introductory conversation:

  • Job: What your job is, where you work, etc.
  • Family: Describe your family
  • Sports: The sports you enjoy playing and watching, your favorite teams and players, etc.
  • Car: What you drive – make and model (example: Ford Fusion), engine type, color, etc.
  • Home: Where you live, type of home, etc.

Those are some things about which to talk.

I don’t have any idea what write about myself and how.
I worked like sanitary inspector but today I am waiting for resuls about that if I work still?
I lernt with your lessons.
Thank you
Bye Marija :roll:

Self-introduction should include these:

Your name (usually just your first name, unless it’s a formal occasion, like an interview)
Your job (what you do, where you work)
Maybe why you are there - “I’m interested in working here”, or “One of my friends is the person having this party” - as a topic of conversation to get you started.

I hope that helps!

how you doin?
Thanks for the information dude.
Now I know on how I should introduced my self,

Thanks again

Step 1: your name with qualification
Step 2: your are coming from(native place)
Step 3: your schooling and college name with place
Step 4: your parents name with occupation
Step 5: your hobbies related team work
Finally That is it.


In the self introduction, you can split up into two areas. first one is your personal life and second one is official life.
First start with your personnal life saying that name, native place , dad mom, sisteres ,brothers then
start with ur official one saying that schooling, college, projects u done ,in which company u already worked for, then finally tell about ur passion and hobbies.

if u introduce like this, the interviewer easily understand about u and ur thoughts ok this guy first told everything about his family and his studies… first impression is a good impression always…
so if u done personnal introduction … i would say 40% of the interview is cleared.

Please comment if anything wrong.


How to Introduce Yourself

Having trouble introducing yourself? While introductions come easy to the extrovert, the introvert will go as far as feeling anxiety when surrounded by people whom they do not know. Some tips to try:

  1. Look people straight in the eyes - eye contact is important because it shows that you care and also shows self confidence.
  2. Smile - it is important to keep a nice, bright smile (and fresh breath too). Your smile is your icebreaker, it draws people to you because you will look like a happy, stable person.
  3. Handshake - a firm handshake, once again, demonstrates your self confidence, but be sure you don’t break the other person’s arm or hand (try squeezing slightly with your fingers and not your thumb). Just a squeeze and control hand shake, you will definitely gain your confidence.
  4. Say your name and immediately ask for theirs - then repeat their name while saying - “it’s a pleasure to meet you John” or “nice to meet you Jane” - repeating the person’s name will help you remember their name and again, will also show you care. Have a Great Conversation.Make sure you introduce with both first and last names.
  5. Giving a Nickname is absolutely ok, but never appropriate to say your name is your nickname. It is an awkward joke if you consider it a joke. Always give notice it’s a nickname, i.e. "My name’s Mike, but they call me ‘The Stunner’.
  6. You may tell a little bit of your background in order to start your conversation.

[edit] Tips

  • Never criticize.
  • Tell your positives but don’t tell your negatives unless they ask.
  • Keep a napkin or tissue nearby to avoid shaking with a sweaty hand.
  • Keep your focus on the person you are meeting - give them the respect you would like to receive.

[edit] Warnings

  • Avoid eating anything that might stick to your teeth, like spinach.
  • Take small bites of appetizers so that you never get caught with a mouthful.
  • Don’t speak when your mouth is filled with food.


I’m Elliott. I’m 38 years old ready to be 39 years old next month. I’M from Madrid, Spain. I’m actually living in U.S.A. I’m marriage, and have two daughters. They are bilingual.My job is to help hispanic community. It is one of the reasons I need to learn english so I can do better job . I would like to become an interpreter. I’m so glad to be able to learn a language, and have your help!!!

Thank you very much,


My name is Johana Diaz. I’m from Panama. I moved to Spain when I was 16 year old. I’m actually living in Germany in a town called Grafenwoehr. I’m married. I don’t have children. I’m trying to get into college, that’s the reazon that I want to improve my English. I use to do my High school in Spanish and is a little be complicated when you try to get into an America colleg. I’m very thankful that you provide us this greatly help.
please correct me if I make mistakes.

Thank you,

My name is sachin,I am 23 Years of old,I living in Bhayander(west),My father is a Businessman and my mother is housewife,I have one Brother and One sister,My brother is studing in and my sister is working,In Welentan company ,It’s Export-Import company,I am unmarried,I am Gradguate person ,I Have Been completed my in G.G college Vasai in 2007,I also having more Knowledge about the computer,I good in Excel &Ms-word,I also good in Internet.My hobbies are different but I best hobby is Swimming in rainy positive point are I like to help people,solving the people problem.

Please my dear friends if you find any mistake in this inform me and you want to add something in this then also inform me.



I’m Hung. I’m 25 years old and I’m from Vietnam. I’ve registered in this forum for nearly 1 month but I don’t still introduce about myself. I apologize about this. At present, I’ve been working at a medium audit firm. My work at this company is very boring and tiring. I’m so busy that I can’t find a half of my life. I also hope I will meet a girl that I make friend in this forum.

Hi guys… My name is Vin. I’m 20 years old. I living in Jakarta. I want to improve and practice my English… I think this is a right place for me to learn English more and more…

Hello, I’ve been working for 3 years at a sugar company.

I am khan,
so, it was all about me.

how to learn english [/i]

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Sorry for delay in reply.



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How to make a sound self introduce?