Hi everyone, I'm Chegevara, from Georgia (not US, Europe)

I’m 27, after 10 weeks have a very important exam in English…

so I’m here for training,and meet some interesting people too :slight_smile:

A Hot welcome to you here !!!guy.

I wish you got a good result in your exam… :wink: .


thanks dude :wink:

Hi and WELCOME Che Gevara :smiley: At last I meet one of my neighbours :smiley:

Wish you like this forum, good luck in your exam :slight_smile:


you made me shy :oops:

thanks for your nice words.



nice to meet you too :wink:
I’ve heard Azerbaijan

is great ,but never been there before…

my exam is in Business English…
I can’t find this kind of topic here
can anybody help me ?

Hi Che, what type of Business English exam are you going to take? You might want to take a look at the TOEIC test:


TOEIC listening, photographs: The pyramids[YSaerTTEW443543]

thanks Torsten…
people seem too friendly here …
I hope, I’m gone like this place :slight_smile:

Again hi CHE GEVARA, of course you have to know something about your neighbour :slight_smile:

Yes, I also know much about your country, and I know part of our people live in Georgia,( marneuli, Qardabani, Dmanisi)I guess you also know this, so take care of our people :slight_smile:

medeya2012… citizens of any country are welcome in Georgia,We don’t behave like Our north neighbours…
so they will be cared in any part of Our Country…

hehehe thanks a lot CHE GEVARA
:oops: I know…

you welcome :wink:

Hi rebel …

I don’t know that much about Che Gevara , so , could you tell me more about him ?
by the way , what is that latest news about your exam ?

Best wishes …Che


Hi,CHE GEVARA :smiley:

the famous rebel in the world…

I know a ultra little about him but I respect him very much.
would you mind talking to us about him,please?
I hope success to you on your exam


what can I say,he was a Cuban revolutionar and policikal leader …

me exams … oooooo :frowning: it’s too difficult for me …

cause I work,I have no much free time…
but anyway,I hope I’ll be able to pass the exam :slight_smile:

what about you people…
say something,what’s the reason,you’re here?

Hi, Che(all his fans in the world would call him like that)
Besides he is a brave idealist! When Che visited China for the first time Chairman Mao said to him, “Che, how young you are!” . Today we are still loving him as a hero! As Che said," The zeal of revolution never dies."
By the way, are you a communist?

Have a nice stay in here Che! :smiley:

FangFang-I’m not a comunist :smiley:

EnglishSpeaker-thanks :wink:

hey people is any audio lessons on this site?

Most of the correct answers to the test questions also come as an MP3 file so you can listen to the correct sentences.
However, if you want to improve your listening skills you should create your own audio library that contains various sources such as audio books, DVD’s and other recordings. In addition, you can listen to all kinds of English radio station over the internet or watch CNN if that’s available in Georgia. Live up to your username and deal with the real stuff rather than ‘lessons’. The best lesson you can take is life itself so explore the world around you as it is.
Let me know what you think.


TOEIC listening, photographs: About to strike[YSaerTTEW443543]