Hello to everybody from Iran!

After 1 month I’ve decided to come and introduce myself. So I’m not a very new member actually!
I’m Sama from Iran. I’m 20 and a junior student at university in Public Management. Nobody speaks English in our country unless when I go to English language class which is my favorite evening class. Thus, learning English in our country needs a great attempt and motivation.
This website sounds very interesting. When the first lesson was delivered the contents seemed so easy and boring but when I started taking different kinds of test I realized that there are still thousands of points that I don’t know at all!

Hi Sama,

Your absolutely right! I also learned more from this site.

U seem more than 20 U seem to be about 24
anyway where is iran?

It’s good to look at the map… Iran is in middle east. thanks for your kind words by the way.

It’s more interesting that although I’m in Uper-Intermediate level , Intermediate exams sounds hard to me… I make a lot of mistakes and then I can read different kinds of explanations… :slight_smile:

Oh Ahmadinejads country
u r not wearing mask?


hi sama i am from Iran too.somewhere I saw in one of your received post that somebody wrote U why you don’t wear a mask?

please reply him that you as a woman in our country have rights though limitation.

Thanks for your advice Bavan…

your welcome.which city do U live?

Dear Sama,
It authentically a true picture that all are facing same problem where English is considered 2nd language.
I’m a student of BBA (Management Studies), Dhaka university
This website provides the relevant information sharing among different countries.

hi sama
i am from iran too.my name is jamshid.
witch city do you live in?

Actually perhaps I should have noticed that I live in Tehran.

I agree with you and beside that I could get some detailes which we can’t find among different kinds of orgnized books. Tests are chosen so thoughtfuly and I enjoy taking them…

Hi everybody…I´m new here… Best regards from colombia…

Hi Sama.I am from Iran.I am so glad to see your ID in forum.

Hello Julianha, Welcome to English- Test… Happy to see your email here

hi sama
did your english improve throgh this site?
is it usefull for u ?

Hello, sir Torsten, I am very sorry for being late to thank you for your advice and guidance …

Hi everybody,
Elano 110 wrote:


Elano, you are from Afghanistan, really you don’t know where Iran is.
I suppose your political and social knowledge is as worse as your geography. Please do study more.