Hello! My name is Natalie, I would like to meet some new people and improve...

Hi my name is natalie, I would like to meet some new people and improve my vocabulary and other things

Natalie, are you planning to study abroad?

I am not really sure I already know Spanish there are some other languages that I am very interested in learning. It would be very interesting to study something overseas.

Hi natalie,

You want to do something in english literature.

yes i do i love literature it is very fascinating!!

Hi Natalie,
I am very much glad to meet you here in this forum, and just like you, I am looking for making friends with people especially from the USA (Caucasians). Actually, “There are no such things as strangers only the friends we have not met.” What’s your opinion on this? Do you agree with me on this? Please write back to me.
Thanks & have a bright and cheerful new year 2009 in advance to you and to all the members of this forum.

Your new friend
from NEPAL

Hi Natalie , where are you from?

What kind of vocabulary you are interested in?

Dear Magi1994,

She is from the USA.

I am sure and certain that U have heard the name “AMERICA”. There are 50 states in the USA (United States of America), and she is from one of the states, which is Delaware. DOVER is Delaware’s capital. Some of the largest cities are
Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Milford, Seaford etc.

Delaware is known as the first state, because it was the first of the original 13 colonies to ratify the United States Constitution. Well, I seem to be going beyond the limit. Please accept my apology for this.
Ask her once again and be clarified.


PS: Dear Torsten sir, I will be grateful to you if you’ll check out my grammatical errors and assess my written English.

Well I am from Houston but I recently moved to Delaware. I just want to learn vocabulary that we use in writing and speaking. Where are you from?

Yes, I do agree with you. Ive met a lot of people in my life and everyday its a different person which I find it fascinating.

Hello Natallie. I’m from Sofia , the capital city of Bulgaria .Have you heard about this country? And thanks for the information , Noren. Do you like history?So what do you know about Bulgaria?

Well Magi1994,
I don’t know much about Europe. I am not a Historian. Actually, I know a little bit of everything. And, I agree with you. Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and the largest city. To the north of Bulgaria is Romania and to the east is the Black Sea. Greece and Turkey lie to the south. Please correct me if I am wrong.
You are a Bulgarian. I was unaware of this. Are you Bulgarian Orthodox or Muslim? Well, I don’t want to go long. I am very much interested in the USA. Let’s forget this issue for sometime. Before I end this answer, I would like to know that, Bulgaria covers an area approximately the size of the state of Virginia (US).

Merry Christmas & a happy new year 2009

Hi Natalie where are you from , I am from Azerbaijan.

Hello Natalie,
Same here I too am preparing for higher education hree the main focus is " CAT " madetory in India for MBA aspirant to get in IIIM’s.
Neeraj Pandey
Assistant Software Engineer

Hello Natalie,
Same here I too am preparing for higher education hree the main focus is " CAT " madetory in India for MBA aspirant to get in IIIM’s.
Neeraj Pandey
Assistant Software Engineer

Hello Noren.You are right about Bulgaria.Congratulations!:slight_smile: I am Bulgarian Orthodox.There is no doubt that my country is little, just like a state in the USA. I think that this isn’t very bad because I can go wherever I want in less than 6hours. ;)So I know each single place here.But the truth is that I haven’t done this already.There are still areas that I don’t know. :smiley: Really nice, believe me. But you’re right.Let’s stop with this issue.Now again bach to the USA–>My dream is to live in the US. So maybe I have to know a lot of its history and geography.And of course I have to learn the language very very well. Please correct me- i have to know or i must know ? :frowning: o.0

Hi Magi1994,
Thanks a lot magi1994 for your response. Can u tell me your name? I’d thought that till now you were male… is that really you in the pic.? Well, we are friends and I think we seem to be in the same boat. And, who knows how much we will learn about our dream country USA, studying here in this forum along with others’ as well.
Step by step, we can reach our destiny. I am very much optimistic about this though I don’t get much access to the Internet that’s because in my country, there is more than 12 hours of load shedding everyday.
Anyway, Happy New Year 2009 to U and to all the members & moderator. Let there be peace & progress in 2009.

Can u give me your email address or yahoo ID (if U have one)? Mine is noren13.

Happy new year to the team and all the members.

It’s me Kory
I am from Mauritania. You know where it is?
It is in the North-East Africa, it has a border with Morocco, Algeria, Mali and Senegal.
That mean it is in Sahara, We have beautifully sand in different colors, we have especially whit sand in or 700 hundred Km cost it is really beautifully with the blue Sea.

I am 40 years old, I am working in Qatar.
I am lucky because I met different nationality from Africa to Asia Europe, and even from US, Australia an Ecuador.

My hobbies are: reading, watching movies, documentary, and Foooooooooooooootball. I hope I cane read everything.

You want to know more? not now, next time. By now.

hi Natali
hope you doing fine, I’m Nour from KSA. take my little advice,if you want to improve and enrich your vocabulary you must read a lot, you are an American so you will have no difficulty in understanding words.

Thank you Noren and magi for this fantastic information. your conversation was interesting.

talk to you later