Hello from Venezuela! I'm Rosa...

Hello everyone! I’m Rosa and I’m from Venezuela. Hope I can practice more as it’s been 10 years since I took an English course. Wish you all well :slight_smile:

Hello Rosa and welcome to our forum! Your English is still pretty good – did you learn at school or have you been abroad?

Talk to you soon,

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Thank you Torsten.

I studied English at school but just the basics. I used to travel to New York for Christmas with my family when I was little; I didn’t speak much then but I was a good listener :slight_smile: Also, since I really enjoy listening to music I was always trying to understand the lyrics as much as I could and translate them. I’d say those little things were very helpful in the process of learning the language.
Then in 1998 I traveled to Oxford, England and studied there for four months. It was a bit difficult at first but I managed to accomplish the goals I set to myself. I started in low intermediate and for the last week there I was in Advanced I. When I came back to Venezuela I finished the Advanced I level at the British Council and I adventured to take the CAE test, I got a C! not the best grade I know, but I passed it! ( I had to prepare for that test by myself)

Since then I practice English by writing to friends and chatting online. I don’t get the chance to practice speaking but I do watch TV in English and whenever I rent movies I try to avoid the subtitles or use the closed caption so I can compare what I’m reading to what I’m listening.

Well that’s the story, I hope some of the things I do to practice English will be helpful to others.

Take care,

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Hello, Rosa!
My name is Aida and I’m from Russia. I’m going to visit Margarita Island in January 2009. Could you tell me something usefull and interesting about your country? have you ever been in thisI sland?

Hello Aida!

Margarita is a beautiful Island. There are very beautiful beaches, natural monuments, castles and historic places to visit.

It’s a very relaxing place for a vacation and there are also many places for entertainment and shopping.

There are many restaurants which are very good. The food is excellent. Don’t forget to try our¨Empanadas de Cazón¨they’re delicious!!

I’m sure you’ll love it!!!

Last time I was there was about 15 years ago!!! So I’m no sure what to recommend you, sorry, but I know that there are lots of fun things to do.

I found this site with information I think could be helpful for you to plan your stay there.


Take care :slight_smile:

Hi, Rosa!I hope you are good!
Thank you very much for your replying. There are a lot of interesting ang useful information about Margarita in the site. I’ve already read about Margarita before. I fall in love with Margarita. And I look forward for my vacations.
In addition, I learn Spanish for several months by myself. I hope I will be able to communicate a little with smb when I arrive to the Island :D. Hola! Buenos dias! Que tal? Yo voy a Margarita isla de vacaciones!Margarita es muy hermosa! Is it right? )))
I like Spanish!! Unfortunately I haven’t enough time to study more (I mean for both English and Spanish) because I work from 8 a.m. till 6/7 p.m.
Could you tell me morу about your country?
Best wishes, bye

Hi, Rosa!
Anyway, could you explain more detailed what does it mean ‘Empanadas de Cazon’. What iingredients does include this dish? Thanks)))

Hi Aida.
Your Spanish is very good! I’m sure you won’t have any trouble communicating when you come! It’s very nice that you like the language and it’s very impressive that you’ve been studying it by yourself. Do you find it more difficult to learn than English?

What I like the most about my country, besides the fact that in general we’re very open and spontaneous, especially in the Caribbean coast, is the variety of landscapes we’ve got here. I mean you can go, for example to Mérida city, which is about 15 hours by car from Caracas, and find snowcapped peaks, enjoy the cold climate, many natural beauties, excellent typical dishes from that region, and its hospitable people. But you can also go the other way and enjoy miles of beautiful beaches, warm climate, water sports, etc. The closet beach from Caracas is about 45 minutes away. Or you can visit the plains, which is an area of flat ground with a large quantity and variety of wildlife.
We’ve got many national parks, monuments and castles…

On the other hand, not that I like to say bad things about my country, I must warn you. You have to be very careful with your luggage, your money and valuable things. Never leave these unattended. Try to get information from your local travel agency of from the Hotel you’ll be staying about where to go and when in a safe way. You should be particularly cautious at night and try to take only licensed radio taxis or those from reputable hotels or malls.
As I said before, it’s been a long time since I went to Margarita and I might be telling you this from my experience in Caracas, but I know that one is never too careful in this matter.

Oh! ¨Empanadas de Cazón¨they are made of corn flour dough and deep fried. Their stuffing varies from beef, chicken, cheesse, black beans to Cazón among others. ¨Cazón¨is a small shark. So Margarita is one of the best places for anyone to try them.

You said you were coming in January?. Then, you should see if you could try our ¨Hallacas¨one of our traditional Christmas dishes. The ¨Hallacas¨mainly include a mixture of chicken, beef, pork, beens, capers, olives, raisins, onions and peppers, wrapped with cornmeal dough then wrapped with banana leaves, tied with a string and then boiled. It’s very good too :slight_smile: Am I obsessed with food? hahahaha

Well Aida, hope you’re ok too!

Rosa :slight_smile:

Hello, Rosa!
Thank you for the usefull and exciting information. I adore very much to eat smth new, tasty, exotic! After your words my appetite becomes better))).
Honestly, it’s easier for me to learn Spanish because there are a lot of words which resemble with English ones.
Actually, about ‘enjoy the cold climate’))), there are only 3 month of the summer in my country and a half of them are not hot. The third part of the year are autumn and spring which have very cool and moreover cloudy, dull days. The rest of them is winter with a lot of snow. The weather sometimes is 30-35 degrees below zero. It’s very very cold believe me.)))
Thank you for your advices, I’ll be careful. By the way, picking and stealing are extend too in Russia. Especially if you are in Moscow you should be careful against your bags be cutted to steal a purse or money. It can be happened particularly in the public conveyances or in the tube.
After all I like skiing, skating, snowboarding,sledging very much.
To tell the truth I’d like to live in the country with warm climate near the sea.)))
The best wishes,
Aida :slight_smile:

Dear friend,
Nice to meet you. Iam Canh, i from Viet Nam. Iam very happy to see you. I know very much about your country, Many, many girl is very nice ! I love your country. I hope we are friends ! if you can pls come to my country for visit. In here i can take you go out around my countryside.

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Hello, Rosa!
My name is Helmi and I’m from Tunisa. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Hi Helmi, welcome again to our community. So, since you are from Tunisia (please mind the spelling of Tunisia) your native language is Arabic? How long have you been learning English? I’m asking because of this:


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Fair enough, we only want nice, friendly and smart people, thanks!

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I am looking for friends with the same interests. I don’t make money. This is not advertising, i am looking for nice friends. Advertising is a business. You don’t know the difference. Yes, you can make friends on a forum platform. Obviously, I did not mean you. If you are not interested just don’t answer. If you can’t say anything nice, keep quiet. Make the world a better place.

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Maybe we have the same goals such to ‘make the world a better place’. I’d be more than happy to hear how exactly you want to change the world. Here are some of my proposals:

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