Hello everybody: My name is Fatma. I'm from Turkey. I'm an english teacher at...

:slight_smile: Hello! My name is Fatma.I’m from Turkey.I’m an english teacher at a primary school .I’m 31 years old.Nice to meet you.I want to know different cultures and different methods in teaching english.

Greetings from Gray. I am a student learning English for past few years. It would be great to share and learn something from you.


hi fatma
this is me noman ahmed siddiqui 30. i am from pakistan. i want to learn and improve my english alot
and i dont have an inviorment to speak english that’s ye i am making friends for improve my english with the latest system . i dont want to join our tadational boring , wasting time and money system at all i want to join an english speaking enviorment
so can we have some time for discussion?

hi i am noman a siddiqui
i spent my lot of time and money for learning english language but i couldnt speak yet
after that i make my system to learn english languge that is natuarly
as a baby learn after his birth .
if u want to know the method or system than reply me

Hi Noman,

Unfortunately your system doesn’t seem to be very successful since you can’t compose even a very basic text in English.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Fatma,
I am Asmaa.I am from Eygpt.I want to improve my English level.I hope to comminucate with other people to make friends.

hi Gray.ı dont know much about you and your level of english.ıf you tell me some more about you,I will try to help you.where do you use english?in daily life, for job etc?

Hi, fatma!
nice to see you here,
and I wish your choices was a good, when you have joined to us :slight_smile:
hope you find what do you want here.
best time for you :wink:

Well done…Mr. Torsten…(as below)

Some people think themselves teachers/tutors of English and mislead others…
You have given a very perfect reply.


Hi Fatma,

I could read, listen and write effectively but I am weak at speaking. I don’t use English in daily life. Could you help me find better ways to instill speaking in daily life? The problem is no one at my home speaks or understands English. And at job we hardly get time to discuss on topics other than work.


Hie Gray,

What language is used to communicate at your work place, if it is English then utilize every opportunity available to improve your English speaking skills.At home i think you can try to make those interested in English to learn a little from you and make sure your conversation is in English most of the times.Am not a teacher of English ,just joined the forum today.


Do not worry, and the beginning of a successful and happy

Thanks Micious, good to hear from you. I would be glad to learn something from you.


hello! I am Afgan. Nasılsınız? A can not understand what do you mean “different cultures in teaching english”?

Hello dear new friend from Turkay, my name is Joao Fonseca, I am from Brazil, and feel graet to meet people like you, from far away. it is very interesting to get in touch with so many different people around the world. If you do want I have received some good english tips for teacher. just drop some line and send your mail to my own which is joaof2@yahoo.com.br it is can make some improvement of your English. look forwarding from you.

Hi Fatima
I am Fulsheri From India. whatever problem happened with other people while English conversation same like with me. I had been spend lot of time for improve my English but still I can not able speak English fluently.I had completed English speaking 8 month course but I got result 40% for my side improvement .I have assume I am a beginner here. when I will speak English in future very well i have no idea. please give me any chant than after am i speak very well . i hope you consider about myself and make the solution because English is most important in our today life.

When you do not use the target lng in real life , you have difficulty to maintain your fluency.

hi Fatma,how it going?
I am 27 years old and work the same job as you

Hello everyone,

hi fatom iam raed from jordan your name is very warm i hope to learn english fast my e mail is ....e.raed.jo@jmail.com
have a good dream