Hauptgruppensprechergespräch in English?



I’ve been learning German for almost half a century now and I never stop marveling at the creativity and ingenuity of our great nation. Today I learned a new German word from one of my groups: Hauptgruppensprechergespräch. Now, isn’t that a real beauty? Try to translate it into English and win a prize :trophy: for the best solution.


My guess is ‘discussion with a chairman’
der Hauptgruppensprecher = der Vorsitzender i.e. a chairman
das Gespräch - conversation, discussion. The latter word suits better.


The lead speaker’s speech?




@Irina_Bol, @miot and @Alan, thank you so much for taking the time try to decipher this mystical German word. Yes, you are all very close to the solution. A Gruppenhauptsprechergespräch is a meeting of the head spokespersons of a number of student groups. I know even this explanation sounds odd because I doubt that there is more than one spokesperson in a students group in the English speaking world. Funnily enough some of the students joked that after the Hauptgruppensprechergespräch a Hauptgruppensprechergesprächsprotokoll should be published :sweat_smile:.


:rofl::rofl: hope they don´t live in Hannover. Otherwise they needed to be addressed as:


But how would you address people of diverse gender?


Sorry, but what is a diverse gender? From what i know -maybe a bit oldfashioned- there are two natural gender, male and female plus we have objects which definitely is no gender at all.

Of course, there are hermaphrodites, homosexuals and transgenders.

Homosexuals, no matter that they are attracted by same gender persons, have a gender. Why not address them by their gender? Mr. for males and Mrs. for females.

Transgender feel they were caught in the false body. No matter whether they had changed their gender by a surgery or have not they could be addressed as they wish. So males coud be addressed as Mrs. and females as Mr. Males even might change there names into female and females into male names.

To me both groups have their choices and better made the best of that. I would not mind them. Just a bit curious I would get if someone changed the gender and came homosexual then. But anyway, everyone should be the architect of the own fortune.

A bit unfortunate are the hermaphrodites as I must admit. But don´t they have options? “Hand auf´s Herz”, is it really necessary that we complicate our language? I remember having been complaining in a choire about complexity of ticket automats. And what article can one find for diverse genders? Or what name suffix?

This is not a complaint, just I am wonderring. What is your solution?


By law, there are three officially recognized genders in Germany: male, female and diverse: A new German law introduces a third gender option on birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses and other legal documents. Now, instead of just “male” or “female,” people can also choose “diverse”.

Last year, Germany’s highest court ruled that without a third category, regulations were discriminatory to those who did not identify in a binary way. The ruling followed an appeal by an intersex adult, identified only as Vanja, whom chromosome analysis found to be neither male nor female.


Well actually I heard there is a percentage of people that are the same with Vanja. As written they are a bit unfortunate as they need to decide to choose a gender, but do they lack legs or arms or ears or noses or mouth´s or whatever? Do they lack any skills other people are blessed with? Do they need special clothes?Can´t they decide to live in common with a society in which there are tall, short, fat, slim; blue, brown, green, black or multicoloured eyed; brown; blond black, grey, red haired; tanned, white, even albinos. There are so many properties. Imagine every of them were complaining and yearning for special status. Just because their chromosomes are different. and each of them would request different treatment. :unamused:

Isn´t that a bit an exxaggeration? I think they should accept themselves and make the best of who and what they are.