Guess what this is?

So what do you think is this?


TOEIC listening, photographs: Playing water ball[YSaerTTEW443543]

The New Year version of Zfort Group Logo?

I like it - looks like a constellation on a winter night sky. Cold and hot in the same time: a combination of stars, stardust and solar explosions.

Happy New Year!

That’s a very good observation, Monica. Happy New Year.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Weightlifting[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hello, Torsten

That is a very nice question, it reminds me of Psychological analysis tests, which is used to measure a person’s characters.


I don’t know the first thing about it, I have no clue. Perhaps in the space or in a furnace after foundry we can see similar things. It can’t be the Rorschach test because it doesn’t have three dimensions.

This is one of the Rorschach tests:

Hi Kati,

Again thank you very much. Your key words “three dimensions” pulled my mind to the following items ( vocabularies) from the past [color=blue]

" Standardized ready test, complex analysis, simple analysis, own test model, statistical analysis, random sample collection, same circumstances, control, confidence range, confidence rate, comparison, relations, correlation co-efficient, errors, traits, fixed and changeable criterion, geometry of the space, old and recent non- dimensional and multi-dimensional figures, psychological analysis, comments on a story, comments on a pictures, contents, colors (coloures), action, reaction, motion, emotion, mood, questions about a picture, speed, intelligence measurements, effector- response relationship, chart, linear, non linear ……and so on."

[color=red]N.B: I stopped studying grammar for some time. I only collecting vocabularies ( vocabulary) now.

My best regards

Hi Mona,

Congratulations, unfortunately I know maximum one third of these words.

When you mentioned the test , the test of name brought in my mind. As I used to be a teacher who taught mentally disabled children when a child came to school on the first day we had to do their case history with the Rorschach test together. To do a case history had taken lot of time, and it was very tiring not only for the child but for the teacher and the psychologist also.

Today this is only a memory. A good memory I forgot that it was tiring I remember that it was interesting. I think “Rorschach test” I didn’t utter this word since I am retired.


To me it looks like some sort of galaxy somewhere in deep space.

Hello Torsten,

Isn’t a photo of an exploding star ? Because these photos what I sent are very similar.

n 2002, the exploding star V838 Monocerotis briefly became the brightest star in the Milky Way. Since then, the light from its outburst has been traveling onwards, illuminating layers of discarded gas and dust. Watch a movie of this “light echo,” assembled from years of Hubble observations. … ripes.html

video about exploded star burst with vibrant stripes. … ripes.html … video.html


Hi kati,

You seem to have a very kind heart. You achieved a venerable great work before retiring. Now you do your best to learn others. you still giving. you have the virtue and wisdom that will never be over. I appreciate you. You know that you did something great. Everyone wishes to be like you. In addition to that, you are very beautiful like the cat (They must call you Cati) and seems to be of younger age than you mentioned.
I like cats very much, don’t you?


Hi Mona,

You can imagine me better than I am. But you are right I like the cats, I used to have always one or two cats. The cat are as faithful as the dogs. They are attached to their keeper and they could express their love. But they kept their autonomy , they feel when their keeper comes home and they are happy. If their keeper go away they are waiting for his/her return. They are able to recognise the steps and they come to meet him/her sooner. I adored that they could choose the best place to make themselves comfortably. Here my last cat found a pedestal in the centre of the garden.

Take care:

Hi kati

Oh a very beautiful black cat. I like all types of cats even street cats. They are very smart, and they decorate our life.

some day , I will tell you about my cats’ interesting stories. But forgive me Kati. Is your cat suffering from a right leg lesion or wound or something like that? Also I can see a hairless area on his abdomen. If it is not a false vision. Please be careful and take care of it.


Hello Mona,

Unfortunately my first letter disappeared. I can repeat it because it was most longer than this.

I wrote about a long story about how we found this little cat in the garden of a hospital where my mother-in-law was a patient and I visited her while my son was playing with this undomesticated cat. He loved it and he insisted on taking him home.

He was a very strong tomcat and when he became sexually mature the village had been full of black cats. He hadn’t any leg lesion or wound or something that . There wasn’t hairless area on his abdomen, perhaps you see the light, because this photo was taken by an old camera.

Unfortunately when he was 14-year-old he went to die, he said good-by to us. The animals feel the approach of death and they hide in a remote, calm place. When the snow melted we found his skeleton under a bush of which the branches formed a closed place for him.


Hi Kati

A very sad end of the story. So it was the reflection of light which caused my false vision. Yes Kati all you mentioned about the death of cats is a fact. Cats hide in a remote at both labour and death. Any way it was a very nice cat.

Now Kati, What about music. Do you like music?

See you later

Hi Kati

Your new picture is very nice too

Hi Mona,

I really miss you. I feel than we met each other long time ago. In this case the French say this is a déjà-vu feeling. I like your frankness and your love towards other people.

I changed my photo. Why? You know that till I became 50 I didn’t change anything. It was very awkward for my 30 year-old daughter because when we walking the street people asked that she is your younger sister or conversely they asked her “she is your older sister”. I told my daughter that this doesn’t mean that you look old but I look young. Otherwise she inherited because she will be 50 and she looks like 25-max.30.

When I was 50 I had been ill after recovering I can say that I change only a little bit till my age 60. When I had been ill again, and this illness attended a change.

After sixty I took up weight, lot. I had my long black hair cut. I stopped dying. I became greyish as you saw in my previous picture. From this time I could walking incognito in the streets. Only those recognised me who saw this process.

If somebody who knew me earlier sees this pic here he/she immediately says: This is Kati Svaby.
But on the other only those recognized me who I saw me in the last 11 years or I met me in this period.

So I felt like showing how I was for about 60 years.

This is my first grand-child in 1994 I was 53.Till I took after me.


salue Kati

[color=red]Je vous remercie. Vous êtes très sensiblesو légers et délicat.

I missed you too Kati. Thank you. You have warm feelings toward your family. Believe me kati every thing in your life is beautiful, because you are a venerable lady with a beautiful soul. I liked your grand baby (kitten). It 's nice to live with your best memories even for a minute.

Best regards


Hello Lanlady,

Welcome to the forums.

I think you are talking about ‘cats’, not ‘cars’. I’ve never seen a car on a sofa though the oil and fuel would certainly make a mess!

Please could you do us a favour and turn off your caps lock key. It is uncomfortable to read at any length and is considered the email equivalent of “shouting”. Please only use capital letters where they are needed.


I think a car would just crush a sofa, unless it’s a toy car :slight_smile: