Feedback on audio recording (8 Prepositions or How I got that Job)


How do you like the audio version of 8 Prepositions or How I got that Job?

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

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I’m not sure about what it is that you want students to get from such a listening/reading. What’s the purpose?

Hi Torsten,
I think the audio version of8 preposition is totally completed and well understod, realy I understod the deffirences between the preposition of time and place.
Thank you very much.

hi Torsten,
I 'm sorry I have to say that your recording seems not working at all.Please take a look at it.Thanks for your help.

Hi Torsten,
I am Mr Bekari i can´t hear text from Sue Darville what i have to do?

Hi Bekari,

You need to click on the ‘play’ button. Before you do so, please make sure you have a software program installed on your computer that allows you to listen to MP3 files.

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Hi Torsten,

I have clicked the play button very well…but the message displayed on the player itself is ‘’ [color=blue]File not found…‘’ ?

Hi Torsten,

I have the same problem I Could’nt hear Sue Darville audio recording…


Good after noon Torsten

I have a problem. I couldn’t listen those audio file whose you sent me. When did I play audio file the midia palyer was started. This is my office computer and I cann’t add the speaker with this computer. Can I download these file in my personal drive. I listen these file after my office time. Plese help me at this matter and correct my above sentences.

I will be wait for your response
thanks in advance

I found it excellent and distinct!
This text contents many useful words which can help me to speak.
And I have found some words which I had prononced wrong before.
Thank you!

Hello Torsten
Thank you once again very much for your text full of useful expressions!
Because your story is so clearly told and leads us through many situations we all know very well or can easily imagine, we can take in the exact meaning of every preposition out of the context without any problems.
But for me, there still remains a trouble: I would really wish to have them all “on the tip of my tongue”!
In my language, we distinct between “active” and “passive” memorized vocabulary.
We refer to the latter when we understand a word in a context even if we have almost (but not completely) forgotten it.
And we refer to the first when we have it stored well and know it by heart, so that we are able to use it fluently in our daily conversations.
Is there an equal term for this difference concerning memorized vocabulary in English?
And is it a known fact how many times we have to repeat a word till it’s part of our “active” vocabulary?
In case someone knows I would appreciate an answer.
Best regards

Hello dear reader of my last message

During the night I began to doubt whether I used the expression “on the tip of my tongue” in its proper meaning, and so looked it up in the CAL-dictionary.
As I had suspected I was wrong: it’s not “to know a word perfectly” but “to know it but not being able to recall it at the moment”.
To know a word or expression by heart / so well that you don’t need to think about it, was what I wanted to say.

Pls kindly correct me if I’m wrong.

Fill the appropriate preposition into the below sentences:

  1. We live in as house … a flat roof.
  2. The road rocked us … side … side

I think the answer is

  1. with

Hi Torsten.It is really wonderfull article.I liked it.
Thank you so much>


That’s right but you have a typo in the first sentence (as instead of a).

(And strictly speaking the road didn’t rock you from side to side… the road rocked from side to side (which meant whilst you were travelling on it you got rocked too.)

Dear Torsten,

There seem to be a glitch in last two sentences.

Three weeks vs. ten years ago.

It wasn’t until I had been there for three weeks that I found out the truth.

I had been the only candidate who had managed to get to the interview on that snowy day ten years ago.

Sorry, glitch was in my understanding. Now, I got it. It is OK.

Hello Torsten
This is the first time I take part to your Forum.
Well, I Acknowledge that your lesson about prepositions"how I got that job" is perfectly well done. however I found that reading is very speading which can discourage even the most motivated beginners Englih learners. I 'm wondering whether have you ever thought about it .(is there any mean to slow it down).
Have a nice day.

Hi Sir:

I must say thank you for this one. I wanted to save this on my phone to listen everytime I wanted and to familiarize with the whole content and accents, but I wasn’t able (can’t find save target as…). Unlike other lessons with the podcast. I hope this kind of article can be saved to my phone. Keep up the good work Mr. Torsten (and all the staff).

No comment Torsten, just wanted to say thank you for your effort.
I found your writing very useful to me.