Feedback on audio recording (6 Passive Voice or Haunted)


How do you like the audio version of 6 Passive Voice or Haunted?

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

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Hi Sir

It’s my dream, very important step to learning and understanding the English (I think so), I have like story from BBC , but here is no possibility
to work same ,here I have seen the right way, very very good,
My apologies for my mistakes

Igor (step777)

I liked it. It was funny.
Thank you. :slight_smile:


My message.


I have finished the reading!!

What the constructions in italics is am/are/is/was/were + V-ed .

Is that right?? :roll:


Alan, why can’t I link your voices?? There is sth. wrong with your link. :frowning:


Hi Millicent,

You probably need to install Java: How to listen to voice messages?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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hallow thank you about this course but when press to got the audio the audio respond the file con’t found,what i can do,thank you

:smiley: Let me tell you that it is an excellent material. Congratulations for this fantastic idea. Now, we students have got a chance to listen, then, read, and listen again looking and not the texts. I am feeling very happy about your English Programs. Congratulations again, and go ahead, that you are the best ones.

Excerpt from the article:
“By the time it was bought by my aunt and uncle some two hundred years later it had been owned by a long list of different people whose names are recorded on the title deeds. As it is situated by the sea, it became a favourite place for various members of the family to visit. It also had an added attraction — it was haunted, at least so my uncle said”

I understand the actions of the reader should be in the past tense since it happened in the past. But what i am confused about is the use of present tense : “is situated” “Are recorded” at the same time… When is it ok to use different tenses?


Hi Kai,

Since the house has always been situated by the sea and the names have been recorded for a long time, we can use the present tense because both those facts are still true today.

Let me know if this answers your question.
Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten!

Yup, it did answer my confusion. Many thanks!


Respected sir torsten,

Thanks for your reply. Sir I want to know the difference of (passive voice and active) and want to know “the passive voice mostly uses which in tens?”

Best regards

Nice Rose

Hi Rose,

Please read Passive Voice.

Also, the following list contains pages with information on the passive voice: Passive Voice Pages


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sir torsten,

It’s a first time I have receive your reply on the forums. I’m really happy today.

Nice Rose

Hi torsten,
I listened to the story. I liked it. It has a lot of difficult vocabularis that learned their.
thank you for something that I am learned by you.

best regard

Hi, I am Rajkiran and I am a beginner in speaking english and I have a question when the model verbs could,might,would are used and give me some examples and situations. And one more thing is I want to talk to you directly over voice chat, Is it possible through your website. Please send me reply. Waiting for your reply.

Hi Thorsten

I’m really not into Ghost’s, and I was relieved after reading your last sentence. You confessed you dreamed the story with the lady. Otherwise I would have doubted either your sincerity or your intellect: how can one play cards with someone so small? The size of the cards would be far too small for us to hold, except we would pick them up by tweezers…
But it’s a lightly written story after all. What I really hate are those scary movies on TV, cheap productions, a real no go for me!


its fun i like it

i taught it for students but can u help me to make qs by using passive.