Feedback on audio recording (3 Future tense/Jealousy)



What do you think of the audio version of future tense (jealousy)?

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Hi Torsten,
I’ve just enjoyed this text. It’s very interesting and I found a lot of expressions that I sometimes heard but I didn’t know the best utilization of them. Now I’m glad that I found them very easily to use.

Thank you so much for this amasing method of explaining. I think it’s very functional.

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Thank you teacher for your support.
just i want to ask what is the difference between firm and company.



Hi Abeer,

I would say that ‘company’ is more general term while ‘firm’ is often used to refer to a law firm.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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It doesn’t work:)


Hi Ismail and everyone,

I recorded my voice here, and it’s successful. So I think you can list what kind of problem you meet. Then we can try to solve your problem. I like it really. It has more fun. By the way, the speed of the function is not very fast, so please be patient to use it and it’s not difficult to use the function indeed.

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any way about the recording of future tense…she read it like eating up everything fast before everyone comes near the dining table…ahaha…
i mean it was a little bit faster as it is a lesson for the beginners who’re trying to learn each and every words that might be hearing for the first time. and it could be a bit more slow…and she made some mistakes in pronouncing some words as she was in a hurry during the recording of the text and she is too busy without getting any time to correct or rerecord it again.
anyway it was…uhmmm nice :smiley:


Hi, Amalmusica

I am wondering what are you talking about. Who is the girl who you are talking about? Thanks for replying me in advance.



Ohh maggie! I was talking about “Brandey suzy” who reads the audio recording of the grammar lessons .
I talked especially about the audio for “Future tense”
Here’s the link to listen that audio grammar lesson which i was talking about
and tell me



i wanna know the difference tween future simple and futur progressive ?please


btween *


Hi Dear teacher
how can i get this (specifically this one) english article in my mailbox?
(thx to Dear Mr Torsten I get the regular lessons in my mailbox)

i would appreciate if u can help


I get it, I saw different ways to express future.
but a think it could be confusing for me, specially using “will, shall and going to”.


I dont anderstand Is to/Are to .Where to use it?


was very fast speed of teacher in speaking …In audio lesson…teacher must speak slowly…not fast or not slow…mean to be moderate speed of spoken


Hello Dear Team (teachers and learners),

Its so funny, living in a small village in Russia, to read obout such village in London. :-) Now Im looking through the window at my neighbour, who has already became the deputy this month and enjoy reading your story.

Happy provincial learner,


(anyone who noticed any mistakes write me immediately please;)


Hello sir,
Good evening.
Will is helping verb of future tence & shall is information verb of future tence!!!
Am i right ? please check it !!

Thanks with regard


Hi teacher,
I liked reading this story,it was very was interesting because i saw the different uses for the phrases of the future.
Thanks for showing me your examples.



At the end of the story, I understood that the feud between the two women was not real but only an attraction for tourists. Am I right?



Hello Torsten,

On relation to this story I have an other question in the following sentence:

I’ll let the local gossip, Mary tell you the background.

Why it is written tell instead of tells. Is it a typo or it is correct?

I think that if Mary is going to tell the background, the sentence should be:

I’ll let the local gossip, Mary tells you the background.

I will appreciate your comments