Feedback on audio recording (3 Future tense/Jealousy)


‘Tell’ is correct as it is written Lobo.
I suspect you are thinking of ‘she tells’ or ‘the local gossip tells’, which is why you are confused, but ‘the local gossip’ is the object in this sentence, not the subject. Compare these:

She tells you / I’ll let her tell you…
They tell you / I’ll let them tell you…
He tells you / I’ll let him tell you…
The gossip tells you / I’ll let the gossip tell you…


Hi Lobo,

The reason why I wrote ‘tell’ in my story is because ‘tell’ is the infinitive form of the verb dependent on ‘let’. This is the construction: Let someone do something. as in: Will you let me borrow your car? ‘Let’ has the sense of ‘allow’. You use the same construction with ‘allow’ except that this verb requires a preposition as in: She allows him to drive her car. This is exactly the same as: She lets him drive her car.



we use IS TO/AM TO/ ARE TO where we have to done .
Ex. mere ko sona hain
Ans. I am to sleep.


Alan / Beeesneees,

Yes, you are right I was confused; I was thinking that Mary was the subject so I thought that the ‘s’ for the third person was missing.

With your explanation now the subject is clear. In the example you gave: <>. It is easy to realize that the subject is SHE and the object is HIM.

Thank you veru much.



oh yes!!!.. a little bit fast for me…but it’s ok…ple…i want to listen this audio in my mp3…i don’t see upload place…


Thanks a lot!!!


Hello mentors,

I want to ask differences in shall and will usage which wa not mentioned

If there’s any other exercise or test for it then please connect me to that link

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Hi! Good article about how to use different future tenses. Everything is explained clearly! Best regards, Oinas.