Do you want to be my friend?

Hi everybody. I just wonder whether I can have new friends in this forum. My name is rudy and I’m from Indonesia.

Hello Ruby. I am Nipun from Bangladesh. I am also here to improve my English along with making some new friends.

hi everybody. My name’s Thuong. I come from Vietnam. I’m very happy to make with friends in this forum

Hello Thuong,

Welcome to the site. I might not be the best one to welcome you as I have joined here today. However, I hope that you will get some new friends here.

Best regards,

Hi Rudy,

I’m Mon form Thailand. Nice to meet you.

How is your life going on? Are you a student?

Hello every one,
I’m Tawfeeq from Yemen .

It is nice to make friends here .

best regards .

Hi, Thuong welcome to our forum. It’s nice to have you here. I’d love to be your friend.

Hi everybody.
Hi Thuong. Would you mind to tell us about the bridge which you are standing on? Did you take the picture on a trip?

hi, Rudy. Glad to meet you. Could you tell me some information about you or your country?

It seems that you ignored my post! :wink: :wink:


It seems that you ignored my post, Thuong! :wink: :wink:


hi, Salivan.
I’m sorry for not relying your post.
the bridge i took a photo is in Danang - a nice city. i had this photo last summer when it’s just built. the bridge’s the nicest at night with colorfull lights.
oh, have you ever been to Vietnam,Salivan?

You’re welcome my friend, Thuong.
I am not able to leave my country because of military services - It is mandatory. However, I have many friends from Vietnam. Oh, Where are other sight seeing places in Vietnam?
Thuong, are you a student? If so. what is your major?
What about you, Rudy? Tell us about Indonesia, if you mind.


[i][b]Hello my name is María,

I´m from Costa Rica, I would like to make new friends here, I want to practice english.
let me know if somebody is interested.[/b][/i]

Hi Maria, welcome here!
How are you? Maria, would you mind to tell us about Costa Rica? Where is it located? How is its climate?

The country which I am living in it right now, Iran, has all four season’s weather in all of its directions. In some places, it’s raining. At the same time in other places, it may be sunny, windy, and so forth. I live with my parents. They are warm and friendly. My current habit is surfing the forums of this wonderful learning website.

By the way, dear Monjong, I myself haven’t the glory of hearing your voice!


Hello Pasban!!

Thanks for your reply.

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, between Panamá and Nicaragua, our native language is spanish, the climate: We have just two seasons a year winter and summer, currently its sunny =) we celebrate the Easter Week with a kind of parades very nice, we have a lot of beaches, mountains and volcanoes.
I live with my parents too! Actually just with my mother =)
What does “Monjong” mean?

You’re welcome my friend. “Monjong?” Just look at the previous posts on this forum! She’s a Thai friend of mine - I mean ours!
I don’t know why she’s off these days! Oh, you do? I think I have to send her a Private Message and inform her that we are going to miss her on the forum! LOL!

It was rainy today! I love to walk under the rain. I know where Panama channel is, but is that famous Nicaragua (Niagara?) waterfall located in your country?

By the way, how long do you study English? Spanish and English are too close, aren’t they?


Nicaragua is a country, the Niagara Falls are in Canadá, another country.
I`ve been study english for 3 years, with some interruptions.
What do you mean with the english and spanish are too close? about pronunciation or what?

there are very kind peple. I think this forum is the best for meeting :wink:
I want to say hallo from europe to USA, or New Zealand or another land :slight_smile: Are you heard me?

Hello Logidriver,

My name is María, I`m from Costa Rica.