Dear Claudia! Happy birthday to You!

Dear Claudia! Happy birthday to You!

My dear, I know that it is a bit in advance, but I just want to have an honour to be the first.
So , my wishes to you are very egoistic. Be always-as you are now-ours adornment in the ETN forum.

Because I had no better idea, I’m sending you the picture of the flowers from my balcony.

Your friend Alicja.:))

Happy Brithday, Claudia! We hope to have you here on the forum alive and kicking for the next 3 centuries.


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Is it today? Happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Claudia! Hope you have a great day and I look forward to seeing you on the forum as I’m addicted to your fun stories. Wishing you a warm happy Birthday!

A big hug for my dear friend!

Hi Claudia,

Wishing you a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. What I will say every second, every minute,
every hour , every day and every year is called “Birthday”. Because every
second is borning new, like that day, month, and year, so every second of the day
is called Birthday for us.

Wishing you all success in every moment of your life.

Thanking you


Hi Alicja,

thank you so much for the flowers and your birthday greetings. The flowers are beautiful; I especially love the ones that look like paint brushes. You really made my day!

I’m not sure if I will have cake, but when I lift my glass of champagne, I will drink a toast to you!

Many hugs,


Hi Torsten,

I just love those candles! :slight_smile: I, too, hope to be on the forum for centuries to come!

And I can’t wait for the Crazy Bees! I heard they are flying like crazy in my direction; they should arrive at my hive on Monday.


Hi SkiIuck,

nope, it’s in a few hours. But that’s OK. It makes two days younger and hopefully mean that I will live two days longer. :wink:

Thank you!


Hi Unchan,

thank you for the lovely birthday greetings and the nice compliment on my stories! I appreciate it!

Hugging you back,


Hi Shanthi,

these are wise words, indeed! We should really treat every moment of our life like a gift and have a celebration in our heart. Every breath we take is a new beginning and a new chance.

Thank you!


Happy birthday Claudia :slight_smile: Wish you all the best :smiley: From all your photos (that I found on Flickr) I liked this one! It made my heart beat faster! I hope you like it too :wink: hahahahaha


Penblwydd hapus i chi, Claudia.
Happy Birthday, Claudia.
I suspect I’m the only one to send birthday wishes in Welsh… and I hope I have the right day.

Happy 21st birthday, Claudia. Now you can have the key to the front door.

Alan … _embedded#!

Hi Alan, that’s a funny little song. How did you find it?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Caludia,

When you say “Thanks” to everyone those who wished you on “Your Birthday”
you could have placed one plate of 7 Star Chocolates on the forum, asked everyone
to have for your “Birthday Sweet” and it would make everyone to be happy and
had the feeling of attending your “Birthday Party”.

Wishing you to become Good learner/writer/Coach.

Thank you


Hi Mochad,

thank you so much for your birthday wishes! Hahaha, yesssss, taking close-ups of flower hearts, especially the hearts of roses is one of my favorites. Looking at the many layers of petals and the intricacy with which they are holding together only to unfold in their prime, I am not surprised that roses are considered the flower of love. :wink:


Hi Beees,

yes, you have the right day. :slight_smile:
Thank you for the birthday wishes in Welsh; I enjoyed them a lot, especially since I am such an admirer of Welsh medieval history (Llywelyn ap Iorwerth).



Hi Alan,

Hahaha, yeah, I wish! lol. Thank you! How about your car keys? May I borrow them once in a while?

The video is too cute! And they are all Bavarians! Lol.


Awww, I’m sorry, Shanthi, but I gave all of my 7 Star Chocolates to Buddha as an offering. I hope he’ll grant me a good year.

How about Tiramisu instead?


Hi Claudia,

I am so happy that you had given all 7 star chocolates to Buddha" as offering to
grant a new year. Your prayer is selfish, atleast you share the grant of Buddha to
all forum members in the Forum.

The cake named "TIRUMISA’ (Italian dessert/Cake) it looks very nice, who is going
to invite for cake cutting? I prefer your friend “Alicja” to do that.
Have a nice time. "Tirumisa means pick me up, is it correct?

Next function is Cake Cutting.

Thank you