Craziest Fantasy

Whats your craziest fantasy?

I think my top 10 crazy fantasies would be subject to censorship here :slight_smile:

I want to be the president of Russia.

kind regards.

Oh, I want to be the king of the United Kingdom, as well. hehe

kind regards.

And, King of Saudi Arabia. Ahha…

kind regards.

Hello Ralf,

Whose letters do you want to censor? Will you please to disclose it.

Do you know these sayings?

My favourite writer, Albert Camus said about the censorship:

And Mr. Kyaw 's favourite saying?

Kati Svaby

Kati, I believe what Ralf meant was that his fantasies are too extreme and too naughty to state here. He was talking about his own, not that he would censor anyone else’s.



But you used the word ‘naughty’ first :slight_smile:

Ah, many thanks Claudia.
I am sorry that I misunderstood Ralf’s letter.
We are 1:1 because once he misunderstood me.

He wrote now:

It still means to me that his top 10 crazy fantasies (pleasant situations that he imagines but that is unlikely to happen) would be subjectedto censorship[/u] here.

I am sorry, but it means to me that he said: It is unlikely to happen that he would like to - that the letters - sent here - could be subjected by censorship.

I still interpret in this way. I would like if you help me where is the mistake in my reasoning.

Many thanks:

Hello Claudia and Ralf,

You are right when i read out my letter I understood it. Yes Ralf spoke about his letter.

The penny has dropped.
I am sorry.


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Exactly, Kati. That’s why I used the preposition ‘my’.

Sometimes a preposition can save a man’s life. In the following example the preposition wasn’t the problem.

Two hunters are out in the woods, and one has a heart attack. His friend calls 911, and says, “I think my friend just died of a heart attack. What should I do?”
“First, make sure he’s dead.”
The dispatcher hears a gunshot.
“Okay, now what?”

Hello Torsten,

Hello Ralf,

It is a very good joke !!!


Maybe I can help you. Does your crazy fantasy involve honey, ice cubes and a brand new razor blade as well?


What to do with honey, ice cubes and a brand new razor blade? Separately I could imagine, though I don’t like honey but if I have a sore throat it is good, ice cubes with whisky isn’t bad, about a brand new razor blade I associate to cut my veins, but it is a wrong association.
It’s anybody’s guess!



Hello Ralf,

It sounds interesting but how ?

Sorry I didn’t receive notification about your letter so I found it only now.


Ralph & Kati Svaby, I believe you are both mature adults. I hope you act like one too.
I started this topic for fun & creative comments, not for a fight. So please cut it out, & discuss your matters somewhere else.

This doesn’t sound like a fight - I just want details!