Can you tell me a story?

Hello everyone,

Let us write or recollect the stories we have heard in our childhood! But be brief and honest while writing so that it remains an interesting read :slight_smile:

I am snoozing right now and would write something soon. But don’t wait for me to write :wink:

Okay, let’s start:

Yesterday I was 19 years old. I had a hot girlfriend, I was in my sophomore year at the University of Chicago, I drove a mint-condition 1974 Mustang and I was a member of the Tau Omega Mu (“Tommies”) fraternity.

Today I woke up and had somehow aged about 40 years – I don’t know exactly how old I am, but I must be in my 50s or early 60s. I can’t locate a mirror but judging by other visual clues, I’ve aged half a lifetime overnight. As if that isn’t adequately shocking, consider my new setting:

I now live in a thatch hut. I have yet to hear the noise of a car or an airplane. I just heard someone yell “Tribute, tribute, come hither with thy tribute!” And who turned off the heat? It’s freezing in here!

(okay, someone else continue this por favor)


I miss my village,
I wanna go home. .

I don’t really want to live in a thatched hut, but I am certainly poor enough to qualify for doing so.

Having lost every penny that I had in the wonderful Stock Market Crash, I am reduced to doing things that I never ever dreamed I would have to resort to.

If I could sing, then I would go and sit in the main square of Essen city with my dog at my feet, and a cap in my hand. Alas, my singing voice has diminished unto a near croak,
( who would believe, that I was once considered to be the next Sinatra ) so existence on a meagre OAP income is my lot in life. Woe is me … next please,

Oh, I thought it would be fiction but it spurred reality. But yes, the reality is no different than fiction if we ourselves are willing to be observant. How should I word mine, it’s a question? :slight_smile:

As I sat in one corner of the thatched hut, I pondered over what had happened to me. What could have made a young rich guy turn into an old sick man overnight? Could it be that the drink my girlfriend had given me the night before was spiked? Was I abducted by aliens and robbed of my youth? My brain was flooded with random thoughts. I felt my brain was going to explode just when I heard the rustle of leaves outside my hut. I walked out to see if there was anyone. There was none. Was I seeing things? Was it some kind of a lucid dream? Whatever it was, it didn’t feel good. I had to find out what had gone wrong that night. I slipped into what seemed like a ragged shirt. I set off in search of truth.

Walking through the forest was an eerie experience. All around me in the darkness small squeaks and snarls alerted my every sense.The sense of impending danger was ever present, and I cursed my forget-fullness in leaving the Berreta in the shack.

In the distance I could perceive a low glow and quickened my pace. Would it be her ?
Did she have transport secreted away in this remote part of the forest ? I had to get there before she left. She had taken everything, my money, my youth, my hair, even my best shirt. Surely she wasn’t such an insensitive bitch as to think than an Englishman would even contemplate being seen abroad without a clean shirt on his back. I just had to get there before she gunned that damned motor …

As I strode towards the machine, I heard the rumble of an engine from a distance. A chill ran down my spine. Could it be her making off with my money, my youth and everything that I had held close to my heart? I tried to run fast to get to the machine before she could escape, but my legs wouldn’t allow me. They had aged overnight. I cursed my bad luck. I mustered all my strength and hurried in the direction of the sound. I could hear my heart pounding as I neared the source of that eerie sound. To my utter dismay, I discovered that the sound wasn’t from any machine as I had thought. It was the snore of an elephant. The last glimmer of hope seemed to have faded. I buried my face in my hands and dreaded my life ahead - alone, in that godforsaken place. The very thought made me tremble like a leaf. It took a while for me to gather my senses. Realizing that there wasn’t much I could do, I headed back to my ramshackle hut. I hadn’t walked a few yards when I heard a big explosion from behind. I turned around and saw an alien-looking, time-machine kind of a vehicle going up in flames.

As the smoke cleared I realised that the thing that I was looking at was indeed something not of this world. What the hell was it, and were there any survivors?
Walking in my wet trousers was not an easy task, but slowly I approached the smouldering wreckage.

Whatever it was,it had been huge, but now it was reduced to a pile of smouldering metal. It radiated a lot of heat, and this helped my trousers to dry, but the smell was not of this world either.

Thinking that there was nothing more that I could do, I turned to head back to my little ramshackle hut, when I heard a soft moan coming from somewhere to my left, well clear of the wreckage. Setting light to a half-rotted tree branch I slowly moved toward the sound, ever watchful of it being a trap to distract me.

In the half-light of the fire I glimpsed a form laying in the bushes. As I approached I suddenly realised that it was young woman, but like no other woman I had ever seen before, for she was far taller than any woman I’d ever met. I calculated she was at least two metres tall. She was magnificently built, and she was clad in a fluorescent one-piece uniform of sorts. On the shoulders of the uniform were some kind of insignia which slowly flashed on and off.

She suddenly stirred and I moved forward to help her, but she shrank back. " Can you speak ? " I muttered softly. She nodded her head. " Yes “she replied. " Do you have a name ?” I asked. " My name is Belisha, Belisha Beacon " That name started lights flashing on and off in my mind. Belisha Beacon, where had I heard that name before?." I come from WagaWaga, ten million light years from your planet, " she added"

" I think we had better get under cover before darkness descends “, I said.” Follow
me." She slowly got to her feet and silently followed behind me. My mind was racing.Would she fit in my hut ?. Would she fit in my sleeping-bag?.

Suddenly she stopped, then she darted into the undergrowth. There was a frightened squeal, and she reappeared with a small creature in her grasp. She sank her teeth into the wriggling form. " I must eat," she said between mouthfuls.

Hell, this was going to be some night. I’d better be on my guard, but would I be able to stay awake all night?. My mind was once again in a whirl. Just what the hell was I going to do now …

… As I was rearranging my thoughts, the idiosyncratic lady was devouring insatiably the poor creature. My self-preservation mechanism began working as she gulped the last squirming part of it. ‘I truly hope you won’t do the same to me,’ I smiled gently. ‘Of course not. We have to find a safe place for the rest of the night. This crash wasn’t an accident; the Gargantuans won’t satisfy with this. Soon they’ll be here, searching for survivors to pick off. Quick!’

‘The what?!’ I inquired perplexedly. ‘We have no time; I’ll explain everything to you as we move on,’ was this peculiar woman’s response. Then I suddenly felt an acute pain in my head. It was as if all my blood was, by some inexplicable force, making its way towards my head. Spouts of thick sanguine liquid began gushing forth from my nostrils and ears; the view before my eyes filled with red images. And the next thing that occurred was my head unhinging off of my shoulders, accompanied with a loud and obnoxious bang. Of course, I wasn’t able to hear it, for I was dead. I’m joking.

The stress must have been too much for my weak heart. I had fainted.

Upon opening my eyes the next morning, I literally gaped. The space traveller had set a cosy little dwelling while I had been unconscious. Apparently, she had managed to somehow haul me from the spot where I had passed out to the place I am right now. Her sinews didn’t seem very reliable, but who knows… While pondering over this matter, I glimpsed her; she was striding elegantly towards me…

She was a sight for my sore and weary eyes. Two metres of lush womanhood, but in my exhausted state of the previous night, I had failed to notice that she was green, however it was a nice shade of green, so what the hell!

" Ah, awake I see " she said. " Are you hungry ?" " Famished " I replied truthfully. " I’ve already eaten " she said, for which I was truly thankful to hear." I’ve managed to catch a small rabbit and it’s almost ready for you to eat."

" What happened last night, I can’t remember anything after I passed out ?" " Don’t worry about last night, the Gargantuans will be here any time, we have to get well away from here before they arrive."

" The Gargantuans, who the hell are they?" I asked. " You don’t want to know, just eat, and let’s get out of here while we still can." she replied. " Look, I’ve got a gun here," I said, producing my Beretta. She laughed hysterically when I produced my Beretta from my holdall. " That’s of no use unfortunately, you need something far more lethal than that toy " she said.

" Oh damn " was my first thought. " How the hell did I get into this mess, and just how the hell am I going to get out of it ?" …

" OK, let’s get moving, we need to put some distance between the crash-site and ourselves." Already she was taking charge of the situation … some woman! We headed into the bush once more. " It’s not wise to travel in the daylight, better in the dark," I suggested. " Not with these creatures, they only can travel by darkness, this is our best time to travel, and we can cover more ground in the daylight," she answered.

We set off into the bush. I had no idea where we were heading as I’d never had a real opportunity to explore the place before. Seems that time had arrived, but I would have felt happier with a destination in mind. We had been travelling steadily for quite a while when I suddenly found myself being catapulted into the air, feet-first. What the H…

" It’s them “, she stated calmly, in spite of my obvious terror and discomfort.” They are already here." " They must have landed whilst we were sleeping and have set these traps in the hope of catching me." But they haven’t caught you, they’ve caught me! " " Oh, they don’t care about catching you. They’ll just kill you." " They want to take me back to their world and to sacrifice me in front of their people. " " Bloody hell, get me down from here before they turn up then." " Stay calm " she replied. " I need to work out a strategy."

She worked quietly and methodically, and in no time at all I was back on the ground, sore but unharmed. " There will be two of them, and we need to overpower them, " she said. " Then I can take over their ship and return home." " Great, what about me ?" " Are you just going to leave me here alone ?"

" Of course not " " You can come with me to my planet, you will be treated like royalty there. We have never seen a person of your colouring, and everyone will want to be friends with you." This came as a shock to my system. Should I go with her, or stay here? Hmmm…

I mulled over the offer she had made. Would I be treated as a king if I went there? Was it worth leaving dear earth for ever? My life wasn’t all that rosy here, anyway. But it might get better if I waited a little longer. I couldn’t come to any conclusion. I just tagged along with her for the moment. She looked deep in thought. And that worried me even more. Was she fearing another attack from Gargantuans? The very thought shook me. I had no idea how she had saved me earlier as the rescue method she had adopted looked totally strange and unearthly to me. What if she didn’t act in time if such a thing should happen again? “Will they attack us again?”, I enquired. “They certainly will. They will probably kill you and take me with them to their goddamn planet and sacrifice me to their god - Gigantus.”, she replied gruffly. “My life doesn’t mean a lot to you, does it?” I muttered. “Not in the grand scheme of things.” she replied bluntly. “And what exactly are those grand things?”, I asked sarcastically. “No use. You wouldn’t understand it anyway”, she sneered. I couldn’t bear the thought of a woman, however big she might be, scoffing at me like that. “I am as intelligent as any sentient being from any planet in the universe. You can’t just dismiss me out of hand. Now tell me, what is it?” I demanded. She stopped and glared at me for a while and continued on. “What the hell does she think of me? Do I look so stupid?” I was a smartass in college and girls drooled all over wherever I went. I was the member of Tau Omega Mu community. How could she just ignore me? But I didn’t think it wise to relate my glorious past to her in hope of getting her to talk to me. “Would you please tell me what’s going on here before I die a ghastly death that no earthling has ever died before? I will at least know why I got killed.” I implored. She turned around, looked at me pitifully and began to speak.

“Well! I am Belisha Beacon from WagaWaga. I am the princess of that planet. It’s a big one, 1367 times as big as yours and 120 times greeener than yours…wait…I think it’s 245 times, now that there aren’t many trees left here. People are green and so is most of its geography. We are a wealthy planet inhabited by insanely smart people. If I had to put the intelligence of an average WagaWagan in figures that you’d understand, it would be an IQ of roughly around 12,678,999. It’s the IQ of all Europeans and North Americans put together. That’s the average person I am talking here. Imagine how much it would be for a great scientist. I am one. Yes! I am the princess and also a great scientist of physics. That earned me a few enemies though. I was part of this great project that took the universe by storm, barring a few ignorant planets that had always been always wrapped up in themselves, such as yours.”

“What was the project about?”, I asked curiously ignoring her comments about the earth.

" I don’t have time to discuss the project, especially with one such as yourself, with such a moronically low intellect. They will be getting ready to search for us as darkness approaches, and we need time to prepare some trap for them to walk into."

My mind was in a whirl. What the hell did I know about laying traps, I couldn’t even lay a bet. Anyway, it looked as though I was in this mess up to my neck, with no way out in sight. I decided I had no alternative but to go along with this crazy dame and see how it all played out. What else could I do? Chances were that I was going to end up dead no matter what I did. Maybe, just maybe, she really was smart enough to get us out of this mess. She was certainly acting a lot calmer than I was.

" OK brains, what’s the plan then?", I asked in the most sarcastic voice I could muster.
" I think our best plan is to try to capture them whist they are sleeping." " We need to hide throughout the night until daylight approaches, and then double back on our tracks and catch them off guard." " We must have a good ten hours head-start on them, so we can rest here and allow them to get a lot closer."

The darkness came and went and we used the time to fabricate some spears as weapons. They probably would be of little use against their weapons, but if they were sleeping when we found them, then they could be quite lethal against an unharmed enemy.

Dawn crept over the Eastern horizon and we arose and slowly began to back-track our trail. Every step I took heightened my senses.The slightest noise ahead made me freeze in my tracks, but she seemed totally unconcerned. Either our enemies were deaf, or I was in the company of a fearless moron. " Relax " she said, " We are nowhere near them yet." " How can you possibly tell that ?", I snarled. " Because the insignia on my suit will pick up their presence when we get to within two hundred metres of them." She smiled that arrogant smile that I was beginning to detest." Why the hell didn’t you tell me that before " I snapped. " Because you never asked. Now shut up because we are approaching the meeting point." The insignias were indeed starting to increase their frequency of flashing, and my fear started to build once again. Oh hell, I wasn’t prepared for this! The last time I had fought was in the school playground, and even then I had got soundly thrashed. How the hell was I supposed to fight heavily armed aliens with only a spear and a female companion? She motioned me to lay flat and she slowly crept forward. She was quiet, but every blade of grass she stepped on sounded like a peal of thunder. My trousers were wet again, and it wasn’t from the dry grass …

HI evry one!
I dod not have a long story to tell. please read this from me.
one a a man goes to make his pilgrimage at meekka where is the saint place of all muslims . during the srtugle the man loses his life and some one has reproached him to reach god to at his house,who can take life even when we are a fare rom .
this person thinks that god still leave at his house in mekka.

Thanks for that . It was very interesting Mai.

Laying here in my wet trousers was going to be the least of my problems unless
" Wonderwoman " was able to pull some trick out of her bag.These two aliens were not averse to killing me, so it was my primary concern to avoid them doing so, along with escaping with the fair damsel. I felt helpless laying there doing nothing. She re-appeared and waved me forward, indicating that I should be as quiet as possible.

As the clearing came into view I saw the two aliens laying on the ground. I was surprised that they were only small compared to my companion. In fact they were really small, and slightly built, but they were armed, even though I couldn’t see their weapons. She motioned me to ready my spear and beckoned me forward once again.

We were almost upon them when one sat upright in alarm, but my companion was far quicker that he was and she pressed the point of the spear gently against his throat . I followed her example and did the same to the other alien. They both sat upright and shielded their eyes against the glare of the sun. " Discard your weapons ", she said in an authorative voice. They both meekly obeyed. She stooped quickly and snatched up the weapons.

My relief was immediate. Thank the Lord that that had gone so smoothly, but what were we going to do with them now? She smiled at me, as though sensing my very thoughts. Turning smoothly on her heel she shot both aliens in the head. I couldn’t believe my eyes. " Why did you do that ?" I shouted. " There was nothing else that I could do", she replied. " Their craft is only equipped for two and we need it for ourselves. Did you think I was going to leave them alive here on Earth to kill your people." There was no smart answer I could think of at that moment, so I remained silent.

" OK, let’s get rid of the bodies " was her next command. We dug a shallow grave and heaved the small bodies into it. After covering them over there was little trace of them ever having existed. " Right, let’s find their craft and check it out " she said. My mind was in a state of turmoil as I meekly followed her into the bush once more. I’d only a couple of hours to make my mind up as to whether I went with her to her planet, or stayed here on the island with only the two alien corpses for company. …

Hello Kitosdad,

Could you please elaborate on why you used ‘laying’ instead of ‘lying’?

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I guess it should be lying . One of those mistakes that native speakers make. :slight_smile:

Using loose for lose is another one I can remember.

Hens lay, humans lie … anyway, what are you two doing, just reading instead of contributing?

You Daemon got me INTO this Sci-Fi fiasco in the first place and now you leave me lying here with wet pants. Get back here the pair of you !!!