Audio English course for Beginners

thanks, it is really useful.

what about an audio english course for advanced ?

hey daniela, looks like you found out how to post.
congrats…let me know if you need any more help


Dear Torsten

Sorry for being a bit late with the answers. I was able to read this letter only today since I had been away.
So, the answers are as follows: Sue works for a large financial company. She starts work at 8:45. She enjoys the personal contact with her clients because she finds these peole interesting: they are of different age and have different jobs.


Dear Natali,

Many thanks for joining our forum and answering the questions. Your answers are correct and I look forward to your next forum posts.
Best regards,

TOEIC listening, photographs: The bride and groom[YSaerTTEW443543]

Dear teacher.
Thanks and appreciated your help to learn us English or to help us to improve English skills ,
actually I have listing twice to Ms.Sun lesson , she is lucky working with professional people and her work office isn’t far from her house so she can reach her office by walking ,it is good exercise specially at morning .
She do assistant the group for paper work.
the forum is good to replay to you lesson , but if you have add un other pages to each student to answer the lesson questions .as suggestion .

Thanks again

yeah, i succeeded…many tks for u help

Hello everyone

I am Ahmed from Saudi Arabia . I work as an English teacher . I love learning English .

Answers:- lesson no.3

1- Sue is working for a financial company.
2- She started work at 8:45 and finish at 5:15

I think she likes her job


Hello Mr. Torsten,
Thank you a lot for what you sent me. I have just practised my English with the tests you provided. I think it is not difficult for me to finish them. I’m also grateful for your clear explanation. I now learn how to use ‘end’ or ‘finish’ exactly; besides, I also learn how to use ‘start’ or ‘begin’, which always makes me confused.
I try my best to study and practise. However, I still find many difficulties in speaking and listening. I hope so much that my English will be better and better, and I can use English as a native speaker soon. :slight_smile:

It’s my greatest ambition. By the way, please check what I’ve written and tell me whether I make any mistakes.

hi Mr.Torsten,
thank you for your letters. ı’m 29years and from Samsun city of Turkey.ı am married with one child.ı am teacher of English in primary school so my English level is getting worse dy bay day cause of young children and their and my mother tongue is ıts nice to meet you.but now we are on holiday and I am out of my city and its hard to find computer ı am sorry for not writing you.

Dear Mr. Torsten

I just finished my English lesson number 3 and here are my answers to the questions asked for:

Sue works for a large financial company.

Sue usually starts her work at 8:45 in the morning.
Sue enjoys the personal contact with her clients because they come from all walks of life and all ages.

All exercises given in the mail are excellent. I am interested in doing these exercises.

I am always looking forward to receive your mails.

Thanks and regards,

Rani Tomy

Dear Mr.Torsen!Thank you for your lessons.It’s veryinteresting for me. I’m Tina from Georgia.I live in Tbilisi.Many years ago I had graduated The Enstitute of Foreign Languages and after Ididn’t work anywhere by my profession so I forget much things.Elementary I know but I don’t remember many words,I can’t write correctly.That’s why I don’t like to post on forum.Now I have time and I want to improve my knowledge.With your lessons you are helping me and thank you very much for this.With best wishes Tina.Excuse me for mistakes which I’m sure may be in my letter.


My name is Thida. I live in Australia. I have been here for 12 year now. My native country is Burma which is located in South East Asia.

My city is Melbourne. The weather is nice and cold. It is quiet place too.

Although I enjoyed living here, I do miss home a lot. I finished Diploma in Information Technology (Software Development). I like to study which can keep up my knowledge. I want to improve my English especially in writing. I am going to study nursing in a few week time.

I will write it later again.


Hi every body
I agree with the members who says that it would be better if there is an advanced course for teachers and I hope it will very soon. That does not mean that the current course is not helpful and interesting.
Thanks for all teachers who work on this web site.

Sue was very clear and great
She works in financial company and she usually starts in 8:30 am and she also enjoies the personal contact white her clients.

Best regards

Dear Torsten!
How are you today?
I listened the recording about the Sues’ activities. I understood some parts and others no. Then, I read the text and with the help of my dictionary I could understood everything.Below, they are the answers:

  1. She works in a large financial company;
  2. She ussually starts working at 8:45; and
  3. She likes the personal contact, because they come from all walks of life and are all ages.
    If I’m wrong, please correct.
    My best regards
    Sandra - Brasil

Hi! Torsten.It’s really exciting and interesting to try your grammar lesson. I didn’t think there was a difference between “finish” and “end” (or I would say I thought there was a very slight difference berween the 2 words). But today I have realised that there’s much more difference. As a result, I’ve got 7 questions right. Iwould never think this could happen to me!

Answers: She works for a financial company. She usually starts work at 8:45. She enjoys it because she loves it, I think. :smiley:

Dear Torsten and Claudine,

It is great to receive your English lessons online. They are clear and interesting. I am eager for learning like that.

In the " Daily activities" recording spoken by Claudine is very well for non - native English. I find some mistakes in my pronounce and accent. I correct them properly. I submit my answers for these questions as below:

What company does Sue work for?

  • She works for a large financial company
    What time does she usually start work?
  • She usually starts her work at 8.45 am.
    Why does she enjoy the personal contact with her clients
  • Because they come from all walks of life and all ages.

Thank you in advance for your attention in my message.


Dear Torsten,
I have just finished my test end vs. finish. I got nine of them right.The mistake is in the following question. Actually I was looking for the word finishes but since it was not there I just filled with finish. Can the word finishes be used in this case as he always does the same thing?

You could tell the time by him because he always … work at exactly the same time every day.

(a) ends
(b) ended
© finish
(d) finished

Thank you very much for your wonderful questions. Last test also I got the same score and soon I realised the mistakes but this time it is still confusing. So please help me
With regards