Audio English course for Beginners

If you have just started to learn English, this audio English course by Sue Darville will be ideal for you.

It contains several short texts which you can read and listen to at the same time.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Why does this lady from Bristol assume I’m German?

I am from France and I live in Meudon, a suburb of Paris.
I began to learn english in december 2006 and I am not a young student.
I was born the same year of the 5th Constitution of France, a long time ago…

I received your email this morning.
And I am happy because I understood your email.
Your first email english lesson is clear, very interesting and Sue Darville speaks very well for non-native english language.

I think it is easier to read than to write in english and it’s a good idea to try to write in english because of your forum.
Many thanks for your big job and your attendance at our difficulties.

Sincerely yours


Dear Claudine,

Many thanks for joining our forum and welcome to! You learned lot within less than two years and I’m sure your English will soon be excellent. Yes, you are right, it’s usually easier to understand a written text than an audio recording. That’s why I’m glad you can understand Sue and I look forward to your next forum messages. Please tell us a little more about life in Meudon when you get time.


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I finished to hear the lessons of Sue Darville.

It was very interesting.

But I am always surprised by that : your courses for beginners are written or spoken in English. You explain very well how to learn.
But if you don’t speak english how do you do ?

It’s not my case. And I can revised, I need it. My english is very poor.

Sue Darville is right when she says : listen in english every day.

I read and I listen every day. If you want to speak or to undestand is the only and the best way.
A key for a beginner : Choose an actor or an actress and watch his or her films;
Save subtitles : you see and you hear in the same time.
And you watch again, again and again.
And a day, in another film you recognize a word then another word. It’s marvellous.
And you continue beause you love to learn english.

Dear Torsten,
can you correct my message, please? I need to learn and you are a good teacher
thanks very much

Hello, everyone! I’m Marianne from the Philippines.

I just finished my English lesson number 3 and here are my answers to the questions:
Sue works for a large financial company.
Sue usually starts her work at 8:45 in the morning.
Sue enjoys the personal contact with her clients because they come from all walks of life and all ages.

I love answering the multiple choice test provided in the lesson. It helps me practice and correct my English everyday.

I am always looking forward for new emails to come.

Thank you.

my name (or rather my nickname is ) Capesienne.
I’ 25.
I live in Reunion Island, a french overseas department in the indian ocean, but I come from Mayotte , a french overseas territory.
I got married on march 8 this year and I have a beautiful daughter who is 2 and I am awaiting for another happy events at the beginning of next year.
Well, it is a shame for me because I have been learning English for four years now and and I am very bad at it so please correct me and help me.
I trust you… my problems are especially about grammar (tense, syntax and so on)
thanks for your help.

Dear Claudine,

Thanks a lot for responding to my email English lesson. It’s great to hear you finished listening to Sue Darville’s audio session. Yes you are right – if you listen to English audio recordings and TV programs on a daily basis you will pick up new phrases automatically. And what’s best about this approach is that the phrases you learn already contain a lot of grammar structures and grammar rules so you don’t need to cram them into your head. It’s always better to learn phrases rather than single words or rules.

Your grammar will improve as you listen to correct English phrases and repeat them. For example, you can listen to Sue’s recordings and stop the player after each sentence. Then you repeat every sentence trying to sound exactly like Sue. You might even want to record your own voice and send it back to us.

Let me know what you think.
Best regards,

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I,m very grateful for receiving your English course. I am an
advanced learner and thus, many things are already known by me.
Anyway, everything is worthy, even those topics that I can manage
properly. Besides, I love self asessment (is that the right word? or it is “evaluation”? or self test?).
Thank you very much

PS: It is morning in my country now (8.50 am).


Hi, my name is Marijana. I come from small town called Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I work in a primary school as an English teacher.
I love my students, they’re willing to hear and learn everything about the English language and culture. I found these lessons and tests very interesting but rather easy for me. I’m not here to learn English, but it would be nice to improve it with these tests, and lessons for my students.
Thank you, best regards

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Dear Torsten, Dear Claudine,

Many thanks for useful advise,I’ve been learning English for about 10 years, since my childhood.To my mind, it’s too long time for learning foreign language and I must know English well,I must speak fluently,but as a result,I’m an advanced learner,my pronounce is bad,I know a lot of words,but don’t know how to use them. :frowning:
So,thank You again,your lessons are very useful for me.Now,cosidering your advice,I’m going to begin watching and listening movies and musiks.
I hope,it would help me to improve my knowledge.

Thank you again.

Sorry for my mistakes.

Respectfully yours


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Dear Mr,Torsten,
How are you ?
I’m gratefully receiving your e-mail english lessons.Thank you teacher.
The last one was lesson 3 in which I learned :
-PERSONAL PROFILE( I sent you a practice of it.)

  • The test ( MCQ) to diffrenciate between TO LISTEN and TO HEAR( I did it in lesson 2.)
    -LISTENING PRACTICE: Here Sue introduced her daily job activities with her clear accent.
    You asked me 3 questions and I have 3 answers:
  • What company does Sue work for ? - For a large financial company.
  • What time does she usually start work? - At 08:45.
  • Why does she enjoy the personal contact with her clients? -
  • Because these clients come from all walks of life and ages.
    Mr, Torsten, I confess that I answered easily the two first questions after listening . But it was just after reading that I could find the third one.
    Mr, Torsten, am I right in my answers?
    Thank you so much.
    Souad. :slight_smile:

hallo everybody…its a lovely morning here…first of all i really owe you apologize because lately reply your email…

Actually I am syajarul imna and you can call me imna, that’s better…
I am from Malaysia, working as a tutor in National University of Malaysia…
the truth is I plan to pursue studies in U.S for Msc in Finance…
and to meet the requirement stated by university in U.S, I need to take toefl/ielts and gmat…

I already took toefl and got 553 and band 4 for TWE, and it didnt reach the score required (>600)by my scholarship(ministry of higher education)…so i have to take again…but this time, i decide to take ielts instead.

I really dying to continue studies in one of the top U.S university, i really want it…
I am not simply give up this opportunity, and i really want to score IElts and gmat this time…help me, as i realize that i am not very good in english especially in speaking part…many thanks for you to hand me ur kindness in improving my english fluency…

p/s: i cannot play and even listen to the talks by Sue…help me,

here are the answer for lesson 3.

Sue work for a financial company

She usually start to work at 8:45 am.

She enjoy the personal contact whit her clients.


Hi Joel,

Many thanks for your answers which are correct. Just a few minor things:

Sue works for a financial company.
She usually starts work at 8:45 am.
She enjoys the personal contact with her clients.

Hope this helps.

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Hello every one , I’m Moayad from Iraq

Dear Torston:
Answers to the questions job activities lesson:
1-She works for a large financial company .
2-She start work at 8:45 .
3-She enjoy the personal contact with them as they com from all walks of life and are all ages .

Thank you

Dear Moayad,

Many thanks for answering the questions. You did an excellent job. There are just a few minor things:

  1. She starts work at 8:45.
  2. She enjoys the personal contact with her clients as they come from all walks of life and are all ages.

I look forward to your next forum messages.
Best regards,

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Dear Torsten, Dear Claudine!
many thanks for giving me the chance to learn English. I’ve learned EngLish for a year but it’s still not satify my need and I’m still looking for a place to study online. This morning, I wake up and check mail, and I’m so happy to receive your Email. This is lesson 3 and I am so happy that ,your guide contents are quite clear and easy to understand especially for the beginer like me!^^! I’ve also listenned your audio and think I can catch your speak( very clear, slow enough)!
One again, I’d like to say many thanks to you and I’m sure this will be my useful lessons!
these are some answers for the question:

What company does Sue work for?

Sue works for a large financial company.

What time does she usually start work?

She usally start work at 8: 45.

Why does she enjoy the personal contact with her clients?
She enjoy the personal contact with her clients because they come from all walks of life and are all ages.

I look forward to hearing from you! thank for your comments!^^

hi…thanks for the help, finally i am able to access the listening course…its really helpful!! actually, i’ve done with all the listening course u provide in ur page…isn’t there any extra exercise for me who always thirst 4 the knowledge?? i really want to learn more…