Associations with 'Ukraine'

I remember when I was studying at school, our teachers often told us, new Ukrainian generation could bring country to the world’s community and lead it to the “bright future”. At that time we were hardly known worldwide except maybe some tragic things such as Chernobyl.
I sometimes ask myself whether situation has changed since that or not in the main; well, changes can be not only positive…

So I want to ask, if there’s any kind of information about our country in other media, and what do you get firstly in your mind when hear “Ukraine” ( “where is it?” is also acceptable )) That’s some kind of polling would help me also in comparing points, being talked about worldwide, with our reality. Thanks a lot.

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Well my first association is “Chernobyl” maybe because there are still journalists and TV programs that retell the horrible story and use it as an example for different purposes. but in general I know a lot about Ukraine for my country and Ukraine share somewhat similar languages, cultures, and religious beliefs.

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Andriy Shevchenko.

(I’ve been a soccer fan for the past five years or so, and during that time Sheva has been one of the top strikers in the world. He also led Ukraine to the World Cup in 2006, which was a big achievement).

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My wife and her family, then Serhiy Bubka and the Klitschko brothers…

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The association I have first when I hear the name “Ukraine” is the old expression “the bread basket of the Soviet Union”. But, of course, the country is independent now, and I hope it will stay independent forever.

The second thing I think of is beautiful girls. When I was in my teens and 20s, some of the most beautiful girls I met in my city here in the US were from Ukrainian families.

Then I think of the 10 million people that Stalin ordered killed in Ukraine in the 1930s because they were independent minded and didn’t want to collectivize their farms.

After that I think of Viktor Yushchenko and how the Russians tried to poison him to death so that they could get their own crony in power.

At some point I think of how the Nazi soldiers froze to death.

Several days later I think of Chernobyl. When I think of Chernobyl I think of the fact that some Ukrainians at the time thought the catastrophe was predicted in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

Then I think of the joke about the people who went to Chernobyl as tourists after the accident and met “два гомосексуалисты – оден радиоактивный, другой радиопасивный”. (Pardon my spelling.)

After I think of that joke, I think of the joke about the Ukrainian who got arrested. The police barked, “Как ваша фамилия?!” and he replied, "Ну, очень хорошо! Мама здоровая, Папа тоже. Як ваша? "

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Good jokes Jamie! I haven’t heard the last one!
I am from Russia and so my opinion doesn’t count in this pole as we get to hear a lot about Ukraine. But I just wanted to say that when I think of Ukraine I think of some very good friends of mine who live in Kiev and who I miss a lot. And I also like Okean Elsi. And one of my dreams is to live in Kiev someday:)

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Ukraine , it’s my first country I was born in Ukraine , the east of Ukraine, one a lot of pitman villages.
Fifty years ago, my mother and father left Russia for Ukraine. There are a lot of people
from Russia who settled in Donets Basin. These people have built the many of beautiful towns and city over this region, the enormous numbers of factories and coal mines.
Many years later I have left Ukraine for
Russia , for my Job. I had education in the field
of civilian aviation. My children has grown in
Russia, my wife is Ukrainer. The history of these nations to look like very-very
There are no anyone problem among our
Nations . The politicians come and go , but
there is no power be able to break our an old friendship
Good Luck to all

Hi everybody;
I am Peruvian; I know very few about the Chernobil disastre, Who people can help me.
You write that there are no anyone problem among their Nations, it is a good new.
You told me that you live in Russia but his wife is Ukrainer, I think there are a good relationship.
In my country they are many mine of gold, copper, and silver, here they are some much coal but its is not a good quality.
Good luck to all.

I remember the disaster in Cernobîl, I was little but I remeber the panic installed in our town. Everybody were scared, frighten, people knew not too much about the horrible accident, the comunist party covered all that people didn’t find out too much.There were rumours about the radiations, the consequences over our health.It was awful. The figures say that people dying from cancer cases increased.Unfortunately, the danger still exist-we don’t know how long the concret shield lasts and what could happen if it doesn’t.Moreover, the radiations level is still high.Vic don’t be upset that all of us remember the disaster, you may have heard from your family, you were too little.I’m sure Ukraine tried hard to recover from that accident and maybe still is.
My best regards.

Well, frankly speaking i don’t know much about Ukraine except that it exists in Europe.
I would be so greatful if you give me some informations about your country.

I am from Bhutan. I love Ukraine guys especially who take part in the sports. They really do as anticipated.


I think of ice skating! I though Oksana Buiel (however you spell her name) was marvelous. Poor girl.

Actually, I remember reading that the streets of Kiev were paved when Paris was still mud. I’ve always wanted to see the architecture of Kiev.

Hello everybody,
I don’t know anything about Ukraine. One thing I can say is that Ukraine is a country separated from Soviet Union.
I’ve read some of your writings and learnt some more about it.
I like Jamie’s message. However, there are some sentences in Russian (I think) I don’t understand. I’m sorry, and feel ashamed of this. I don’t know about Russian at all.
I’m really grateful if you translate them into English. I hope to learn more from you. Thank you in advance.

Dear Viktor:

I am embarrassed to admit I also do not know much about your country, except that it used to be part of the USSR. But after the defragmentation of the USSR, I have not kept tract of the progress of your country. However, I am very willing to learn more about your culture and people.

I can also share some information about my own country, the Philippines, which I am sure you will also say “where is it”. With so many changes that has happened around us, it would be very interesting to get to know each other’s culture so we can foster a better understanding and perhaps contribute to a better world in our small way.


Hello Mr. Victor,

Mr. Torsten through his email asked me to go through the introduction about you and I read your messages in the forum.

My name is Rani Tomy. I am from India. I am working in an office in the capital city of India i.e. New Delhi. My native place is Kerala, souther state of India. It is a very beautiful state with lots of greeneries, rivers, backwaters etc. In our state we have got lot of schools and colleagues specially Christians Institutions. I am also a chritian. I read bible everyday. I like christian principles and celebrations. I believe in GOD the creator of everything.

I am sure you know lots of Indians in your place. One of my cousin is studying MBBS in Kiev, Ukraine. In my school time I was knowing Ukraine is a part of USSR. That time it was Soviet Union. There was a very beautiful magazine which we see and read in our library 'The Soviet Union". From my cousin I came to know more about Kiev. It is the capital of Ukraine and is a very good place. Kiev is an important industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Easter Europe. It is home to many high-tech industries, higher education institutions and world-famous historical landmarks. And is having very cold climate. I am also aware of Odessa. One of the largest cities in Ukraine.

Mr. Victor, I am very glad that I got special introduction about you through Mr. Torsten and I could write my ideas about your place.
Thanks a lot. God Bless you and your endeavors.


Hi Victor,
My name’s Maskut. I’m from Bontang, Indonesia. I know little about Ukraine. It’s part USSR long time ago. And it has many professional footballers. Is it?
I can’t tell more. I wish we can touch each other. ok. bye Victor.

Hi Victor,

I am really glad to share with you my thoughts about Ukraine. Frankly I have never been there. Howevre, I would love to be. Fourtunate enough my eldest brother has just come recently from there. This was third visits to him. He is really like your country very much otherwise he will not be there for 3 times. People there are very nice, places (The nature) and weather are lovely and beautiful. He can sense the impact of commuinsims as the country was previously part of Soviet Union. I Think and this is my brother views as well, the country should try to follow the global trend. You can not stay stagnant and all things surrounding you are moving. For example, in order to encourage tourisms, they should start to teach English language in the school and they really started as my brother told me but it is too late. I wish you and your country the best of luck.

Sure will talk later.


Hello Victor,

My name is Ramona and I am from Romania.
When I red about your country, the first thought it was Snake Island. Maybe you know about the dispute between our countries.

About Ukraine:
It’s a big country, bigger than my country. You are about 45 millions people. The capital is Kiev. Everybody knows about the worst nuclear accident from Chernobyl.
And maybe about the Yushchenko’s Orange Revolution.


Hi Barb,

Looks like the English spelling of her name is Oksana Baiul.

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Hello dear Torsten!

I am very pleased to say welcome to our friend Victor and I expect that he will be an active member in this forum.
In my country we learn Geography and History. So I know that Ukraine is located in southeast Europe, its capital is Kiev which was known by his famous football club Dynamo de Kiev. Ukraine is bordered by Belarus on the north, by Russia on the north and east, by the Black Sea on the south, by Moldova and Romania on the southwest, and by Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland on the west.

Ukraine was one of the founders of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In this period many socialist students from Morocco have studied in Ukraine and now they are well placed in their country.

Now, Ukraine is independent of the Soviet Union and has political crisis.
But Ukraine is a strong country, so, its people can reach the European average level in few time. I hope so.

Best regards.