Are "UNLOADED PLACE" and " PLACE UNLOADED" same meaning?

Hi everyone, I 'm learning INCOTERM relating to export-import field and DPU acronym is of a terms belonging to this with meaning that : DELIVERED at PLACE UNLOADED. Nevertheless, I wonder that Could I change " PLACE UNLOADED" by " UNLOADED PLACE" with purpose that UNLOADED word is adjective of PLACE ?
Thanks in advance.


This is probably terminology specific to INCOTERM.

In natural language “delivered at place unloaded” does not mean the same thing as “delivered at unloaded place”.

In this context it means the freight will not be unloaded as part of the contract. In other words it will remain on the transport vehicle (truck, train, ship, etc).

Unloaded is not an adjective modifying place. It is the condition of the freight. The obligation of the transport company ends when it arrives at the destination. It will be up to the recipient to unload it.

Again, this is my natural language interpretation. INCOTERM may have a different meaning but I doubt it. I would not replace the wording unless you know for sure they can be substituted. This is contractual language and the smallest change might change the meaning.


thank you so much , i understood

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You are absolutely right and your explanation is correct. However, I’d like to point out that the correct term is ‘Incoterms’ (plural) rather than just ‘Incoterm’.