"A Travel Adventure" - ESL Dialogs (reviews and comments)

Hi everyone,

What do you think of this story – here is the place to post your comments and share your opinions regarding A Travel Adventure.

It’s a nice story, Slava.

I’m not sure what sort of commentary you’re looking for, but one thing that definitely caught my eye was an over-abundance of semi-colons. If I were you, I’d change most of those sentences into two separate sentences. To me the semi-colons tend to distract rather than help the reader.

Hi Amy,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and your comments regarding the semi-colons – we’ll talk about this to Sandra.

TOEIC listening, photographs: Break for a smoke[YSaerTTEW443543]

thanks for sharing!

the story seemed too long and l got lost if i were you i’d have kept the story shorter in order to keep reader’s attention.

Hi Silvina,

Many thanks for your feedback. Could you please tell me which parts of the story you find too long? I mean, how exactly would you have shorten it?


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The test is large,but it´s not confused…the only thing is that the reader must take much attention at the end of the story…I don´t know if a a travel across the E.E.U.U. is so complicatet on vacationes…I´d like to hear the story.

Thanks a Lot…Carlos.

I enjoyed reading the story because for me its usefull to improve my English , specially reading.


Hi Zahra, thanks a lot for your positive feedback. Please note the correct spelling of the words “useful” and “it’s”. You might want to start using a spell checker.


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I liked the story and the idea too…as it is useful in the situations we may face in real life conversations. I am looking forward to reading (or listening) many more such conversations.

A suggestion –

Can we have the audio for the conversations in this story?

That would really add value to it.

I’he enjoy by reading this funny story! I don’t believe it is much similar to a true story but it is very nice! It is possible to have the audio of the conversation cause I think
that by its listening I can improve my pronunciation… thanks a lot.
Best regards dear Mr. Torsten.

If I were Sandra, I would never make that resorvation.I would go to the nearest beach and enjoy the suntan :slight_smile:


Hello, everybody!

I really enjoyed the reading of this story. It was reallly funny to keep my eye on that how many obstacles these two women were ready to overcome just to leave for a trip. It would be very interesting to follow the development of this adventure story. What will be next :)))))

Best regards, Olja

hello everybody’

i was really enjoyed reading this story

I’ve been completed the first three episode and it is very interesting.Thank you very much for such stories.


I’m learning quite much here from Your posts. Unfortunately I can only read (and write) english with a translator. Do You plan to ad an automatic translation to the forum?

mmm… this bablefish makes many error with the translation but I’m able to follow most of Your posts. If any suggestion please PM me. Thanks.

Thanks to who PM me with the suggestion of google translator. It definately works better :wink:

Mama say I need a vacation.

Hi Slava,

I like this story! its give me some ideas for my next vacation. cruise ship sounds good and very amazing

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