A message from God

Since Corona broke off I have removed a lot of people and organizations from my Twitter feed but one the accounts I’ll keep following is a person posting as ‘God’. Here is one of his recent tweets and I subscribe to every single word:

When the virus subsides, humanity, finally realizing the harm and folly of national, racial and religious divisions, will overcome its innate egotism and truly, fully unite to save the planet and attain a higher level of spiritual consciousness.


I think in all honesty the real question is how did the virus start, get hold and spread. Surely it is the very unity of the world that lies at the base of the pandemic. Don’t misunderstand me. I am a total supporter of hands joining all over the globe but education in its simplest form must be the first step.


Hi Alan, I think this is how the virus started and where his brothers and sisters will be coming from: COVID-19 is only the beginning (from Russia with love....)


Yes, we should lead a redemptive life once we survive this global crisis!


The Virus will not harm our people, unless we make the virus to harm us. All people prayers would help the people survive in the world, secondly we should have awareness about the virus by keeping ourselves hygienic, we should help the people who got affected more due to the virus. It is my general opinion.

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