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During this period, there was a lot of debate over its .....: is it an art, a science, an industry, or all three - or is restoring ecosystems playing God? 1 March 26, 2020
Implementation of the management practice (intellectual capital management) occurred in two phases and stretched over a period ..... on 18 months. 1 March 26, 2020
However, the programs developed in ..... to legislation have not evolved to reflect this change. 1 March 26, 2020
The ..... accounting employed by iMergent could be the reason why the company has lost all coverage from major brokerage houses and now reports numbers to the public without independent scrutiny; in 2005, it confessed a huge restatement of prior earnings and rolled up a mass of prior years' unreported losses. 1 March 26, 2020
For purposes of this rule, "agency ..... transaction for an advisory client" means a transaction in which a person acts as an investment adviser in relation to a transaction in which the investment adviser acts as a broker-dealer for both the advisory client and another person on the other side of the transaction. 1 March 26, 2020
Cameron ......... the English Channel last year. That's an outstanding achievement. 1 March 26, 2020
We went tobogganing at Christmas time. My children ..... down the hills over and over again in wonderment. I like it when they're happy. 1 March 26, 2020
NASD Rule 2220 states that members must charge their customers fair prices and commissions, while InterpretiveGuideline 1220 provides a guide to what constitutes a reasonable ..... in light of this rule. 1 March 22, 2020
The Bureau of the Public Debt announced today that Series ..... Savings Bonds would no longer be offered to the public after August 31, 2004; issued since 1980, they were available in exchange for Series E or EE bonds and paid interest to their owners semiannually. 1 March 22, 2020
Established by the Employment Act of 1946, the ..... of Economic Advisers provides the President of the United States with objective economic analysis and with advice on the development and implementation of national and international economic policy. 1 March 22, 2020
However, unlike unsecured bonds, which are fully dependent on the operating, payment ability and ultimately bankruptcy risk of a company, asset backed securities to various degrees tend to be ..... (fully or partly) from those risks. 2 March 21, 2020
The Exchange indicated that a '..... order imbalance' is one resulting in a price change from the last sale of the lesser of 10% or three points for stocks between $10 and $99.99, and five points for stocks $100 or more, unless a Floor Governor deems circumstances warrant a lower parameter. 1 March 19, 2020
The second is the new and revised collection of standards that will be ..... in 2009. 1 March 18, 2020
..... is accomplished when swimmers slip into the water at an angle. Swimmers first put their arms in front of their heads and then jump into the water, hands first, at an angle. 1 March 18, 2020
My friend is a real estate ...... She has many real estate agents who work for her and they have to pay brokerage fees every time they sell a house. 2 March 18, 2020
The success of ..... bonds is hard to deny: in the short span of 10 years, they have moved from a novel approach as a replacement for high-level excess property coverage to a growing trend in property protection from disaster. 1 March 18, 2020
You cannot use 1040EZ if you claim the child and dependent care .....; it is a percentage, based on your adjusted gross income, of the amount of work-related child and dependent care expenses you paid to a care provider. 1 March 18, 2020
Liberal political parties are usually described as .....-wing parties. 2 March 18, 2020
Present day historians disputed his historical existence, but instead believe his background was ..... from folklore enhanced by a skillful mix of tales inherited by each generation. 2 March 18, 2020
"Don't complain that you had to work a long, hard day. You worked five hours today. I have had my ..... at the till since 6 o'clock this morning and I left the office at 4:30," Bill's dad said. 1 March 15, 2020
Zebras like to live with other zebras. They travel in ......... like cattle do. 1 March 15, 2020
Platypuses lay eggs like ......... do. 1 March 15, 2020
She was sick of having to wear her sister's hand-me-..... clothes. Her older sister was 10 years older, so all of her clothes were out of style by the time she could wear them. 2 March 14, 2020
To enhance the return on the overall cash portfolio, corporate treasurers see a greater need to break down the portfolio into different types of cash: ..... cash, the least predictable, to meet daily needs; reserve cash, providing a liquidity cushion; and strategic cash, the most predictable, for discretionary use. 2 March 14, 2020
Managers are looking to cut costs, and one way to do it that's currently gaining favor is to go ..... for all or parts of the project; for example, one of the Intranet Design Annual 2001 winners was headquartered in the United States, but hired a firm in Mexico to design its intranet. 2 March 14, 2020
Owners and operators in the hospitality ..... are saying they have not experienced such impressive cash flow, hotel property selling prices, and availability of financing for close to a decade. 2 March 14, 2020
Unlike the credit ..... of the early 1990s, when homeowners had the fiscal life squeezed out of them by high interest rates and unemployment, this time it seems the young are in the firing line. 2 March 14, 2020
"Why don't you ..... back that drink? We have to go home now," Jerry said to his roommate. 2 March 14, 2020
The Tax Reform Act of 1986 was designed to increase the share of federal revenues collected via the corporate income tax and to decrease the share from the ..... income tax. 2 March 14, 2020
We went back to our hotel and I ..... asleep because it was a long day. 2 March 14, 2020