Zero or square?

Hi all,

if you had to choose between a zero and a square, which one would you pick?


Better a square :slight_smile:


3D Diamond.

Have Fun!

Either a zero or a square, Kyaw. Take your pick!

Have sun!


I could live without square because I can make it from a rectangle or other shapes, but without zero … I don’t know … 11 after 9, 21 after 19, 111 after 99 – all unfinished, confusing and completely boring …
Besides, after 9 o’clock would come 11 o’clock, so my life would be an hour shorter every day and 1 hour x 365 days x 111 years = 40515 hours, I mean 41515 (no zero) = 1729 days = 4,7 years - too much… I can’t accept.

Therefore, I decided: between zero and square, I keep zero for myself and throw the square overboard.

I prefer a square because it is usually full of green:))



Why still so stingy.

By the way, what’s the difference between a Zero, an O and a circle?

It’s pretty confusing for me.

Maybe I can make my choice after someone convinces me the difference between them.

As usual, explanation to my IQ, please…


You are right that the zero is critical in modern mathematics, though in the ancient world it was often banned - this book was very fascinating if you are interested in learning more: … 0140296476

Dear Kyaw!

If “stingy”-you refer to me- I go quickly with an explanation: I hate the redundant texts.
If it isn’t directed to me, I can quote a generally known truth, that the brevity is a virtue.

Always welcoming - Alicja:))

Dear Claudia!

I must admit, that the lion has a very good taste. I imagine how warm he feels in this beautiful wool cap.

Many hugs


Hi dear Alicja,

I’m happy to read you! :slight_smile:

Thank you. He stole my favorite cap! Now he’s complaining about how he’s been sweating for the past few days. :wink:


I would choose the square because standing next to a zero would make me look square.


Dear Claudia!

I know that lion is maybe guilty, and should be charged with stole a wool cap.
But please, show him a little a mercy and give him an old blanket for the cold winter days.
Anyway, he is used to the warmer climat. Isn’t he?

Oh! sorry for my little provocation. It worked.

Thank you my dear.


Dear Kyaw!

When you have a CIRCLE of faithful friends you feel happy and safe.

When you have 0 of good friends-you usually feel lonely and unhappy.

I wish you, to have always this first.

Your good friend


Actually zero is the most mysterious number in math: noone can tell what zero divided by zero is, or zero to the power of zero is.
In fact they can be anything, including zero.


Zero is grater than these following numbers in maths.

…-10,-9,-8,-7,-6,-5,-3,-2,-1,< 0, 1, 2, 2, 3,…

But the -7 X -7 = + 49.

When you multiply/divide/power squared, 0 with any number, the answer will be 0.

The O is valued when it stands next to other any numeral numbers.

0 is always “hero” otherwise.

Thank you