You've been mixing with some very heavy faces?

Hi, the following lines have been taken from Robie William’s latest song ‘Dripping’. I can’t make head nor tail of this text, who can help me shed some light on it? Thanks in advance.

You’ve been mixing
With some very heavy faces
The boys have done a bit of bird

Hi, Frank!

I think this song is a little difficult to interprate. I haven’t really understood the meaning yet.

I think that the lines you recite above are about criminals. ‘bird’ can also mean prison. And ‘heavy faces’, well… —> :twisted: :twisted:

I hope I’m at least a little right :wink:

I must admit it has been a while since Frank posted this question but this morning I heard this Williams song again so I did a little research. Sunny was right, “to do bird” is a Cockney slang expression for “to do time” which means “to spend time in prison”.

As for the “heavy faces”, I guess he is referring to the very guys who spent so much time in prison…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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