YouTube Converter?

Hi to all,
guys, I am new here,I am looking for YouTube Converter,
can u tell me which one is good and i want to convert YouTube to avi and MP3.
Suggest good software ( shareware will also do).

Have you tried ConvertMyTube?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I’m using YouTubeDownloader and in this program converting to mp3 or avi is possible.
Here is it:

I hope, it’s can help )

Try this youtube converter. I always use it and hope it works for u!

It’s great to share information on YouTube converters. However, if the thread turns into a pile of spam there is no value in the discussion so I’ve deactivated both your accounts.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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YouTube is popular for its multiple video resources and the freedom of hosting, tagging and sharing videos. It definitely a good experience to upload your favorite movies to YouTube. But before you upload them, first thing you should do is to transfer the video to the YouTube format that can be uploaded to the website as you need is a good choice.

“Get Real”

Try - Real player down loader if you already have real player

2Conv is perfect for you. It is a free and online tool to convert YouTube videos to MP3, MP4, and AVI. But if you want more formats and would like to download online videos from Hulu, Twitch, Facebook, etc. you might try a Joyoshare Screen Recorder with audio Mac and PC. That’s what I use. I often use it to download online movies for later viewing. It looks like this: