"yours obediently" vs "your, s obediently"

Hi sir,

I want to know which of my sentence is right.

1-I am a great admirer of you.
I am a great admirer of yours.

2-At the end of letters we write “yours obediently” not “your,s obediently”

Why is that so the meaning of both “yours” and “your,s” is the same I think.

I want to know the answer of both these problems,please don,t forget any of them.


Thank you sir Cerberus,

your answer will help me in future and for pointing out my mistakes in detail is very beneficial for me.
As for as my apostrophe and comma mistakes are concerned I admit it.I have asked about it before, in one of my questions here I know my this mistake but I make this mistake because of the keys of the key board, but I will try my best that I wouldn’t repeat it next time.

About the space after full stop and commas are concerned I read somewhere else that there should not a space after a full stop and comma and it was strictly forbidden there. Therefor I don’t give space after full stops and commas, it means that that article or whatever you say was wrong and I should start giving space.

Please guide me, it has become very confusing for me after you have pointed out.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t know where you read that, but if you read any post on this forum by an experienced user, you will see that he uses a space after each comma, but no space before it; the same applies to full stops. Note that the dot, which looks the same as the full stop, can be used differently. Your punctuation is right in your last post! I saw only one full stop not followed by a space. Note that each paragraph should start with a capital, even the first paragraph after “Thank you sir Cerberus,” despite the comma before it.

Thank you sir, I rely this forum more than that article.