you're signed out vs. you have signed out


If you sign out of a website, a message usually comes out to tell you that:

1- you are signed out
2- you have signed out

Which one is fitter for the case?
I am not comfortable with the second sentence. Am I unaware of what I want to do for the website to tell me what I have done?

Any enlightenment?



Hi Kilani,

Go for the second one ‘You have signed out’. It sounds very natural, and using the present perfect is what you’d expect in this context.

Or you might look at it this way:

1- you are signed out => This basically refers only to your current status (a state of being signed out)

2- you have signed out => This basically confirms the successful completion of a change in your status

If you added “currently” or some other synonym you could use the first example; and it would sound okay.

“You are currently signed out”.

Thank you all guys for the clear answers