You're right or right?

I work for Thailand embassy. Someone call and ask me, Is there Thailand embassy?

I answer :

  1. Yes, you’re right
  2. Right

What’s the best answer?

I guess both versions are not right:):slight_smile: If someone calls over the phone and asks if it is The Embassy Of Thailand, then the answer is “Yes, it is.”

Like this:
-Hello. Is it The Embassy of Thailand?
-Yes, it is.

"Right, or you are right "are usually used when you approve of something or simply agree. In English the answer depends on the question asked.

Hello Natasha,

Thanks a lot.

You are welcome.

Natasha, Yes, you are absolutely right.


I have read your answer and you write “Yes” with capital. Is it a mistake or the word yes is like the first letter of sentence always in capital?

Thank for your reply, have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Hi French,

Of course, it is the first letter of that sentence. But I should have started it on the next line.

Hi, it’s The French,

I understand, ok.

Thank for your reply.

Have a great day. :smiley:

Ok, next time I will salute you correctly means exactly ‘The French’.

Hello, I am a little particular, because, I’m learning alone English, and I try to avoid the mistakes.

I need to be sure before to record it in my brain.

Thank for your patience.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

In the introductory post of this thread the author proffered the caller’s question thusly:

  • Is there Thailand embassy?

If that question were directed toward me, and I felt like being a smartass, I would reply, “Why yes, there certainly is a Thai embassy.”


The question might better be posed like this:

Is this the Thai embassy?


Is this the embassy of Thailand?

Hi all,

Thanks for all post here, I’ve learned more from you all.


I feel too, you are a smartass!
Dialling from somewhere far away, how can I say ‘Is this Thai Embassy?’.
Of cousrse, you say it as a Nashville slang!
Different places, different tongues!