Your school has enough money to purchase either compiuter for students or books?

Topic:Your school has enough money to purchase either computer for students or books for the library. Which should your school choose to buy-computers or books? Use specific reasons and examples to support your recommendation.

Today, both computers and books are valuable resources for a student. If my school has enough money to purchase either computer for students or books for library, I would recommend buying computers. Accessing computers to internet gives to the students a wide range of information, they can save time, and computers give them opportunity to store and email work to professors.

To begin with, the internet is a global network that allows people to access different sources of information. Using computers to access the internet will help them get valuable information for studies. For example, as a student, I need to have accesses to educational resources and the internet gives me the possibility to find this information. Today, there are thousands of websites that provide people with information not only for educational purposes, but also for practical use such as daily traffic, weather and news reports. Using websites to find answers to many questions that students have about health, sports, hobbies, art, cooking, fixing a car, etc. are available at a click of a mouse. This will help students to make their life easier.

Secondly, by using computers to access the internet will help students find information quickly. Since many books are available on-line, it’s valuable to access a computer and search for information a student needs rather than reading a book. For example, It is a waste of time running to the library and searching for books that needed for research, while all this information can be available online at any time that students would love to read, or study.

Last but not least, schools require that their students finish an assignment, or research, or homework, and then stored and emailed to their instructors. If schools provide each student with computer during class this will help them improve faster and faster. There will be more opportunity for students to achieve success if their school provides a computer for each of them.

To sum it up, I believe it is more valuable for my school to buy computers rather than books. Using computers to access the internet has helped people in unlimited ways, and the information that students will get is extremely efficient and helpful because they can get wide range of information in a short time, which can be stored and emailed.

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My son is enrolled in a preschool in Indiana and I don’t really understand why would he need a computer for developing himself mentally.


Wow! It’s been 10 years, and someone found this topic. I have read this essay and I want to say that everything that is written there is the complete truth and since then the impact of computers and the Internet on education and life in general has increased significantly.


I forgot to add that technology has advanced so much that now you can get knowledge on a tablet or even a smartphone. This is how I read articles and watch or listen to lectures that interest me. Although the computer still remains in first place in terms of functionality and convenience. I would no doubt choose the computer as the main tool for studying. The Internet allows me to use many useful resources for learning. I use to evaluate my work by professional writers and thus significantly improve my work and results. I recommend this tool for all students!
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