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Hi everyone!
My name is Magda. I’m from Poland and my native language is polish but for the last 15 years I lived in Australia. I can speak english but my writing is very poor. I’d like to practice, to learn as much as I can. Please, if anyone has idea ,how to learn writing letters or short essays in english, please help.
My reading and understanding of english is, would say, at medium level. Need polishing spelling and more complicated vocabulary.
So, this is me.
Will gladly meet every friend that has similar problems/inspirations.

Hi, Kitos.
How can I not agree with u?
Welcome, Magda,
I have to admit my writing is limited. But I am trying to practice writing and listening everyday. I believe that our ability of using English will be improved. And I also have faith in you as long as you insist on practicing.

I have difficulties in practising every day. I have 3 children and a very difficult hubby… But I enjoy so much learning English… gives me a break and puts my brain in action…
I will be writing day by day what’s happening around me. Easy stuff. Then will try short stories/essays similar to the ones they ask to do at ESL test. It is a long way…

May god bless you.