Your HELP will be appreciated!

I am new to this forum and I am asking for your help!
I applied for an ESL teacher program that allows you to teach ESL in elementary, middle or high school of NYC.
I’ll have the interview in a couple of days. I am soo scared!
One of the tasks during the interview is gonna be teaching a 5 minute sample lesson in ESL. This lesson should be for a specific grade level (from 1st to 12th). It should have a clear beginning, middle and the end. It should be interactive and age-appropriate. The teacher should communicate and work with students to achieve specific objectives.
If you can help me with the topic of the lesson, any game or interactive activity, strategy, or even the plan of the lesson, I would be very very very grateful!
I am stay-at-home mom and the baby takes all my time, that’s why I cannot get ready properly for the interview.
thanx a lot, guys!

Hi sweetie,

Congratulations on your interview! If you really want to enrol in this program you will succeed. Now, to prepare for the interview you should ask yourself a couple of questions. Try to put yourself into your prospective students’ shoes. What would you expect from your teacher if you were taking an ESL yourself? It’s important that you do this exercise yourself because this is the only way you can become self-confident. Make a list of keywords describing your expectations as an ESL student. For example, this is what your list could look like:

  • fun
  • learn new expressions and idioms
  • practice dialogues
  • improve my pronunciation
  • increase my listening comprehension
  • pick up new learning techniques
  • learn how to write essays

Once you have created a list with keywords describing what a student might want you should then create another list with keywords related to your goals as a teacher. Why do you want to be an ESL teacher? How would you define a good ESL teacher?
You can post your results here and we then can create a lesson plan together.

Hi again,

Your lesson plan sounds good to me - the most important thing is that you like it yourself. Your students will sense that you are enthusiastic about the topic and this motivation will rub off. What you can do to make your lesson even more interesting is the following. If the topic is fruits and vegetables why not bring some real fruits and vegetables to the class? Before you write the adjectives on the board yourself you might ask your students to come up with their ideas. Or you could hand your students the different fruits and vegetables and have them describe what they see. You can ask them to describe the shape and size of the object and maybe even the smell. In addition you could ask them for their favourite fruits and vegetables. Then you can also add some word combinations can be created with the words fruit and vegetables. Of course a lot will depend on the level and age of your students but regardless of these factors you should try and do the lesson for yourself or even better: with a friend of yours. Your friend is the student and you are the teacher.
Let me know what you think,