Your first working day

How all of you spent the first working day. Was it exciting? After all your interesting stories I’ll describe you mine in detail :lol:

Hi …

I will never forget the first day … :roll:

Frankly, I was so afraid, but I tried so hard to hide my feeling … but after " a Great interview or a difficult battle " I had to prove myself ,and I still do that till now …

by the way … what about you Pamela …
could you tell us something about you ? :wink: :smiley:


My first day at work was in the summer when I was 16. I was going to do painting and maintenance at a children’s home. I had applied for the job with a friend, and we were both hired. We had a strange boss named Jack, but when he wasn’t there, we called him Luigi, because he looked like a stereotypical Italian balloon man. (Maybe it’s only in America that we think of balloon men as Italian.)

A couple days before, “Luigi” interviewed us briefly. I looked like a hippie, so he asked me suspiciously whether I was able to work, or if maybe I had flashbacks from LSD. I assured him I didn’t take drugs (which was true) and that I didn’t have flashbacks. However, I knew I had to prove myself on the job, because he already expected me to be lazy and to come to work high on drugs and hallucinating. Later I noticed that it was “Luigi” himself who had the “drug” problem. He often came to work drunk, and he had paranoid delusions. For example, he always thought the black people who worked in the kitchen were spying on us and trying to get us fired. This was completely ridiculous, but when they would come out and give us ice cream on a hot day, “Luigi” would say, “See what I tell you?! They’re watching us! You can’t trust them!”

Needless to say, it was an “interesting” job.

Hi Pamela, you probably mean exciting?

You can describe something in detail and provide more details…[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening lectures: Why is herring healthier for us than tuna?[YSaerTTEW443543]

:oops: Sorry, Torsten, and thanks for pointing out my mistakes. Of course exciting and in detail but regarding the latter I have to confess that despite of constant amendments I insisted on in details though I realise that it’s not correct. As you know in detail is translated into Russian as plural form :lol:

Hi Everybody ( my friends) :wink:

[color=red]the first working day… oh :shock:

in fact I can’t remember that day.
because I worked with my father in his shop when I was 14 . :?

but I think the real first working day is after I finished my military service.
Of course after I graduated from college too.

I still remember the first person I meet him in my job.
He help me and teach me, what I need in our work .

and all people in my work were very nice with me in the the first day…

really, I want to say as Herc said:



When I remember my first working day I always must laugh. Since I was 13 years old and thought that I was that powerful and nothing could hit me. Now my best friend that time “Egon” and I had applied for a gardeners job during holidays and got one.

Well, in the morning we went to the gardeners and he instructed us to prepare the ground in his new garden-hall for his pink-breed. No problem, I thought, as I felt that powerful. But the hall was 50 meters long and 20 meters wide and we had to apportion the ground the whole day long. The later it got the more I felt disappearing my power and in the evening I really felt weak. My parents were happy when they saw that they possibly could have a calm evening since I wasn?t able to get them on their nerves that evening. They advised my a hot bath and going to bed early. So I did. But the next morning after waking up I wasn?t capable of movement as I had my first really hard stiffness and soreness of my life. :lol: :lol:


17 years ago, I graduated from Medical School and started my work career at a hospital for my residency, although I had studied at hospital for couples months following my teacher, but, I didn’t know to start to speak with a patient when I went to the ward to see a patient, I standed beside the bed for a while and thinking and thinking, and then I just asked my patient “how are you doing”, later I found that was so easy, I felt that day passed that slow and that fast,actually that day passed very fast so that I almost didn’t remember what I did, but some moment passed very slow, but it was a good memory for me

“the first working day”____it has a lot of meanings, if you mean any kind of work and you could be paid i 'd like to recall my experiences with a stubborn girl.( Oh, My God, i still remember her :lol: )
I was her family teacher . Obviously she was spoiled much . When the day we met each other she just stood against her bedroom, threw me a short glance and ran away. Ohhhh, it was her “hello” ??? Well, i took it :roll:
I can’t remember how and when she sat there quietly, our first class began,
“do you know “sakura momoko”?
“what is it?”
“you don’t know?” she looked at me , eyes shining suddenly.
“She is so cute, she has a lot of friends, one day, she met some bad people …” she kept talking and talkng, i tried to find that” Sakura Momoko " in my mind, but there was none in my dictionary. She became excited while talking about her super star, gradually i figured it out that “Sakura Momoko " was a cartoon character. ohhhhhh, How Funny! I came here to listen to her story, I began to worry if she didn’t stop .
“you like Sakura momoko?”
“yes,very much!”
“she is smart, brave, kind ,funny…”
“she doesn’t study?”
“Good, she isn’t so bad” I murmured , but i was wrong completedly.
“It has no fun!” she pouted.
“Study!” after saying that little girl ran away again, she began to roll on the bed, then jumped up , screaming and singing with a harsh voice. When she came back again , five minutes had passed, a bottle of drink was in her hand, she was thirsty, at that moment i really wanted to catch her and bind her on the chair.:twisted:
“Ok, i am interested in your sakura momoko, because i like cartoon ,too.”
“Really?” her eyes were full of excitement.
“Yeah, but you have to promise one thing”
“Study first , then tell me your stories finally,ok?”
“Ok!” she thought it for a while and promised , our class began finally.
I could still remember her disturbance during the study,” you know sakura momoko is very cool???" “ohhh, leave it behind,you promised!!!” “Ok!”
I didn’t know how i finished the first class that day, both of us felt tired, at least i was. If it could be called “the first working day” i would say it was out of my expectation . But i learnt something , “What is sakura momoko?” :lol:

I remember I was 17 years old and I started working at a hardware shop,the first day I was so nervous with no experince in a job like that ,that I decided to clean everything, count nails and put them in bags of fifty nails each,until my boss saw me and said ‘go to the front and attend the customers’ So I did, I waste 50 itemized bills per day and they notice that after a week,the accountant wanted to kill me,but fortunately ‘I learned from that mistake’ and then I became a supervisor :wink: "after a year "Cris.

My first working day lasted in a boring and exciting way. Can you imagine that? But a slightest deviation from the main point:unlike most of you I began to earn money at the age of 22, though I’m quite aware that in Europe it is not surprising to work, for example, being of 10, 11 … years of old not taking into consideration whether you are a beggar or come from the rich family. In my country it’s not so usual, habitual, an accent is made rather on study and parents take great pains to provide their children with all possible and impossible conditions for studying but you can observe just few exceptions when a child has a necessity to earn for the loaf of bread. Poverty induces him to find a job even low-paid. Concerning the essence of the topic I’d like to mention that I’m by nature very nervous about trifles; even though in my case I had no reasons to give way to panic. I was accepted without any interview, probation, in a nutshell, I was invited by my best friend who had a strong assurance that I’d copy with the difficulties if appear. In my work computer skills were required but I had no idea how to work on it, it was something like a China alphabet to me but after a month of constant practicing I proved to be not so illiterate and for the time being I enhance my computer literacy by studying and using various sorts of programmes.
And I agree with many of you that this day is unforgettable :smiley:

My first working day /when I was 18 / was normal. I was surprised that my bos was young , good looking and friendly man.
First I was studing everything about my future job and I was trying to work. It was interesting for me :smiley:

Hi Pamela and everyone, :smiley:

My first working day?:smiley: I taught English to a 20-student class for two months. Well, it is a bit funny because I was just 18 and wanted to teach to earn extra money for university. I was excited and quite nervous to step into the class and glance at all of my students. Some of them are even older than I am :slight_smile: . On the first day, I prepared everything for my teaching but I still felt nervous with cold hands and feets. I would not realize until I found out that all of them were quite friendly with me and very excited about learning. But they were sometimes so noisy that I could almost give up. For two months, I tried and tried to find suggestions from other teachers and read teaching methods to make my students learn faster and better. For two months, everything went well, though with Some problems and after leaving my students I know that they think I’m a strange teacher :shock: …:smiley:


I still remember my first working day. it was in 23/02/2004. I do some exams and some interviews before that day of course. 23/02/2004 was the day after of a snowing day (22/02/2004) so i still remember it. :slight_smile:

My first day was as usual, I was vary happy and i was a so afraid at the same time. my colleagues in the accounting department start there exam with me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: , your background, expriance, age, from what collage you graduated,…, untill the manager came and said:" Please come". after that he gave me one single task for that day to do and told me to not to rush. it was easy, small and interesting.

after that my colleagues start treating me as a friends, they ware so nice with me.

By the way [color=green][size=150]Ramadan Mubarak “Happy Ramadan”[/size]

Hi :smiley:

[color=green][size=200]Happy Ramadan/Ramazan![/size] :smiley:

It’s not so much the actual first day as my first (summer) job that I remember with happy feelings. Those were the insouciant days of my sweet sixteen – days of school, motorbikes, occasional Saturday dances (minors were not allowed in discos), utterly hopeless infatuations with actors like G?rard Philipe, Oliver Reed or Tony Curtis, the very first cigarettes… Our heads were full of dreams and fantasies, our hearts filled to overflowing, either with joy or with complete (irreversible and irremediable) misery. Ah, those unexplainable, indescribable feelings that can only be the result of teenage hormones!

My first job was working in a Swiss bricelet factory during part of the summer holidays. Bricelets are very thin, crisp wafers of different shapes – from simple round biscuits to rolls, cones or triangles we called ‘?ventails’ (fans). I remember enjoying the sheer simplicity of the rhythmical, repeated movements, which enabled my endless dreams and thoughts to roam freely. Whether I was sitting at the wafer iron machines or packing the bricelets, my body was mostly working on autopilot. It was a small, family business with a friendly atmosphere and the mechanical work allowed us to sing, chat or tell jokes.

All in all, it was a good experience that pushed me a little forward on life’s pathway and helped me shape my perspective on that big, unknown place we call world.