Your favourite language

I like the sound of Slavic languages, mostly Croatian and Russian. As for Germanic languages, Swedish sounds very nicely to me too. And I consider Catalan to be the most beautiful Latin language.

Well, as you’ve seen, I’ve judged the beauty of these languages just on how they sound: it couldn’t be any other way, as I now nothing about them! And what about you? What languages do you prefer? You can take other things into account, not just how it sounds.

I like the sound of French and the one of Italian. I think those are the most beautiful languages.
Although French grammar is quite complicated, I think that it is absolutely worth learning this language. But it is extremely difficult to sound native-like.
Unfortunately I don’t know but a few Italian words, but listening to Italians speaking is like listening to music :slight_smile: The melodic intonation makes it really special.

I like Portuguese and German.
Can somebody tell me which is the correct expression for these languages? Is it correct what I wrote?

I really adore French and Japanese…French is a beautiful one, and Japanese…well, I think it’s rather original for me, a Russian person…and also Finnish…a friend of mine knows it, and I find it very funny when I hear him talk it…It’s rather nice I think))

I completely agree with you, Carbonarius.

I went to Stockholm last week and I was really gratefully surprised for the sound of the Swedish language, I thought it’d be a strong, rude language but it came out to be a nice-listening one, so I think Swedish is my favourite Germanic language, though I haven’t heard many and I didn’t barely understand a word.

As for the Latin languages, I really like Italian and written-French (I appreciate the last one a lot more since I gave up my fighting against la grammaire de l’absurde :wink: ) but I also think - and I’m not being impartial at all :wink: - that the most beautiful language in the world is Catalan.

I like the sound of German and of Hungarian. However, I usually don’t like the sound of languages that pronounce the R sound with a tap, like Italian or Spanish. I think Arabic is the ugliest-sounding language on the face of the earth. I think Mongolian sounds interesting and a little bit funny, because one of its consonants is considered a speech defect in English.

Slavonic languages, namely Ukrainian and Russian, sound the most melodic to my ear. English is second to none as it is beautiful, easy to learn and understood in many countries, what is very convenient. Besides I like German, despite the fact it sounds rough or even aggressive, I find this language GREAT. Also I’m fond of Italian and I like the way Italians communicate with each other - ever so passionate and emotional. What is not my cup of tea is French - bubbling pronunciation, complex grammar and all the words in a sentence sound like a one long word.

English is a favorite with me. That’s why I’ve devoted so damn much time to getting used to it.
The number of various vowels and consonants in English is fascinating.
French would be number two, cuz it’s my native language and I gotta give it its due.

It goes without saying that my favorite language is my native language. Speaking about foreing languages I definitely choose the English language. Many great books were written in English. That’s why I’m studying it. German is the second one that sounds pleasing to my ear.